NTL....just signed up...read on

  geoff47 15:37 18 Jan 2003
  geoff47 15:37 18 Jan 2003

Last Saturday singed up for 128Broadband at NTL web site...got an email confirming order and saying I would be contacted within 2 working days.
Nothing all week....so phoned em up Friday evening..tried to anyway..held for 45 mins...then a further 20mins.
Today Saturday got through after a wait. told to forget the sign up on line and they would take me through it again.The guy suggested/urged that the best option was to go for 600 and get free installation for £24.99 PM and downgrade after the first month plus I get a free web cam thrown in...better than the £75 down payment for 128.
Anyway he said it would be here next Friday PM..
Watch this space for any problems...must admit to being a little concerned after the initial ordering and then the phone call saga...but I am getting more for less than my present BT anytime at £15.99 PM and the phone line is freed up...
Fingers crossed it all goes well....when to cancel Bt now...think I will wait to see its all ok......will keep you informed.

  SEASHANTY 16:04 18 Jan 2003

Hi Geoff47. I contacted NTL in August last year
regarding BB connection with a standalone cable modem after seeing an advert in the local paper.
Spoke to a chap on their 0800 number and he told me it wasn't ready at that time. Never heard another thing until late September when he phoned me back and said they would do a free installation on the 6th October. He phoned back again the following day to say that the cable modems wouldn't be available until after that date and fixed a new date for afternoon on 23rd October. The workmen to fit the cable arrived at 10.45 on Oct. 23rd and fixed up the cable connection and left the cable modem running. The NTL engineer arrived at around 4 p.m. same day to connect to the internet. Since then the service has been fine apart from a two day loss of the e-mail service and one no connection service for just over 24 hours. This must have been teething troubles with the new service for
standalone modem users. Since then I've had no problems. Think you will find that its fine Geoff. Best of luck.

  SEASHANTY 16:43 18 Jan 2003

Further to my last comment. With NTL you have to
register the connection details. This means you can only have one computer on the cable modem because it notes the MAC ADDRESS (Physical address) of your computer ethernet card. This will be a unique identification of 12 digits from
the numbers 0 - 9 and letters A - F. In order to
connect my other computer to the internet I have had to fit a cable/dsl router. Settled for the Linksys BEFSR41. This has internal web pages which allow you to set up and CLONE the physical
address of your computer ethernet card into the
router before connection to the cable modem. This
gets around reregistering with NTL because the
cable modem still thinks its connected to the PC
direct. To my surprise this worked first time with my setup. Cost me £80 at PC World for the router and £9-40 for a 20metre length of CAT5 UTP
patch cable (straight thru cable) to connect to my upstairs computer. Cannot stress how helpful
this site was in setting up
<click here>
check it out before you start.

  geoff47 01:25 19 Jan 2003

Slow down now seashanty.....Im just a new boy..have put the address in my fav list for reference....thanks for the thought,could come in handy.But no plans for another computor at this moment....daughter may have other ideas though,but we wont tell her..... will we?

  BRYNIT 02:22 19 Jan 2003

I connected to NTL BB about 6 months ago I had one small problem this was with the CorrectConnect programe that loads up from the installation disk. Their was a problem where it sometimes prevents connection or made the connection/webpage freez. if this happens just uninstall this program as it does'nt do much.

  SEASHANTY 14:46 19 Jan 2003

Just looking at the times the last two notices posted - early morning! I can see why you both need a BB connection. Mine is only used for around 2 hours or so daily if that. My computer is switched OFF when not in use. I listen to
streamed country music from the US whilst using the comp now. Incidentally - the NTL eng connected this NTL service without using the CD altho he left me the CD. I don't have Correct
Connect installed - there is a note in robin d.h.
walker's massive info file on installed AOL files
causing problems with CC and the NTL installation. As many PC's come with AOL preinstalled make sure you delete all the AOL info on your PC. Pleasant dreams to both of you.
I've worked out that if you stay on the net till the early hours then you must sleep during the day. Lucky you. Tara.

  TheTerminator 15:23 19 Jan 2003

terrible service
but once you are registered as regular as clockwork.

  geoff47 00:06 25 Jan 2003

What a day....phone call at work...been burgled.
House left alone for a few hours only,had a house sitter in waiting for the ntl man....Excuse me but bastards wrecked the bedrooms tipping out drawers ect. but the house sitter didnt even know about it till daughter returned from school and went to change....now for the good news....grrrr....
The modem was here when I got in he had just left in fact...after the police had been...and soco..the nieghbours were done too by the way...only a few items gone from our place jewellery,he poor fellow had his dvd and discs nicked and the kitchen wrecked.
Anyway...read the set up manual and went through it to the letter...problems something about vtruck2.exe.
phoned help line got through after some time helped me into registration..error there too everything froze...invalidlocalinstruction...went back to the help line and the guy who seemed half asleep helped me through setting up everything...and so I headed here to tell all.
Its definately faster and it seems so strange but very satifying...no time lag...heaven for surfers.
So far well impressed....may need to update this at a later date....Oh yes no web cam as promised...will phone them tomorrow if I can summon enough patience for the wait on the phone.
By the way have had at least 6 letters confirming they were arriving today,perhaps they could make some savings by cutting their mail bill if times get any harder...one would have been enough dont you think?

  bow1 01:24 25 Jan 2003

Really sorry to hear about the burglary geoff47, but glad your up and running with the BB. Good innit?

  stewgiles 08:42 25 Jan 2003

Geoff47, I have found the best way to get in contact with NTL customer services is around the crack of dawn. Seriously, in the past I have found calling at 0700 greatly reduces hold time. Wether or not this still applies I don't know - can't hurt to try

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