NTL value my custom ... funny way of showing it

  Dragon Heart 22:03 29 Jul 2005

The following was sent to tonight FAO Sales Support Dept ntl Midlands

"I applied by phone just over 10 days ago for your £9.99 / month Broadband offer. The installation date was agreed as Friday 29th July between 12 noon and 6 pm.

My Customer Service Agreement arrived a couple of days later confirming an installation date of today (29/7/05) which I signed, dated (21/7/05) and returned back to you.

On Wednesday 27th July I received a 'welcome' letter dated 26th again confirming the installation as 29-Jul-05 PM, you thanked me for choosing ntl as my service provider and you looked forward to my valued custom.

The next day Thursday 28th July I received an almost identical letter to the one above yet again confirming the installation as 29-Jul-05 PM.

This morning the wife helped me clear the area of the house where the cable would need to enter the property etc so your engineer could have good access, but by 4.30 this afternoon he had not appeared so I called your Customer Services Dept on 0800 052 2000. After about 5 minutes of adverts I finally got in a call queue and after a further 6 or 7 minutes I got through to one of your call centre staff. He stated as It was still prior to 6 pm he was not late and ntl was unable to call the engineer to check on his progress. I was advised tom call again after 6 pm if no engineer had called.

At about ten past six I called again and yet again listened through the same adverts, then waited about 15 to 20 minutes for a free call centre operative. I was told this time that the engineer was not in today so he never was due to come and my appointment was rebooked for the 10th August. Apparently a message was left on our voice mail (?).

I asked to cancel my agreement with ntl but also asked for a call centre supervisor to call me back ( I now needed a specific time of arrival not just am or pm ) which was promised by not later than 8 pm tonight ...... needless to say they did not call me back.

You say you value my custom ? It's got off to a poor (non) start don't you think ?

Despite four confirmations of an appointment date, three in writing, you fail to turn up then push me to the back of the installation queue !

If you do value my custom what are you going to do ?"

  kinger 22:35 29 Jul 2005

I left NTL years ago due to bad service and an issue they could/would not resolve.

However, I help a lot of family and friends with their PC's and those on NTL often need to contact NTL help desk.

Sometimes I find them very helpful and other times they can't wait to get you off the line.

Mixed bag depending on who you get answer your call, I suppose.

  Dragon Heart 23:39 29 Jul 2005

Poor call centre training kinger

When NTL took over from Diamond Cable we could not get their sales rep's away from our front door bell. In the end I had to threaten to set the dog on them.

Do they not really care about Customer Care as they are a monopoly as far as cable is concerned ?

I was going to try Vigin.net but I understand NTL now own them too !

The local area has many households on NTL TV & phone but the cable laying is a joke. They say the installation team will bury the cable about 50 mm below the surface but in many local installations the cable is clearly seen simply laid on the ground !

The cable idea appealed to me as the offer was the same as I am paying currently for my dial-up and I would not have needed any additional hardware connected to my phone sockets.

I just don't like being treated like a doormat.

I've been with cable since it first started in my area it was videotron. We chose to convert to digital TV - NO ONE said until after it was installed that there was no interactive services! Now keep sending info on broadband but can't have that either - we are on murcury switching?
Most angry that I have a supposedly digital service but pressing the red button gets nothing. NTL didn't tell me that so why should they have bothered to keep your installation appointment.
They'll come when they feel like it - but unlike me don't be trusting - test that you have interactive BEFORE they leave.

  Dragon Heart 00:55 30 Jul 2005

The problem is happydogJO once they have installed your cable and passed you your new modem they then disappear to the little green box round the corner to complete the connection at the junction box.

I may try confiscating their van keys until the job is done to my satisfaction.

If your not feeling too down try :-

NTL:Hell @ click here


The Register's report that NTL and Telewest are to merge @ click here

Poor old Barclay Knapp, the chief executive of NTL, which is in the middle of negotiations to restructure £12 bn of debt, has been forced to sell his Gulf stream jet.

I think I have found the problem, if you look at the photo with this BBC report they have one man working and two watching :-

click here

one with his hands in his pockets !

  redandred 13:09 30 Jul 2005

interesting to hear the comments about NTL.

  redandred 13:37 30 Jul 2005

interesting to hear the comments about NTL.i've just ordered the 9.99 broadband deal.actually,when i say i've just ordered it,i ordered it on the 14 july,was told i would be contacted within 48 hours,i'm still waiting now,the 30 july.they are supposed to be fitting it on 1 august.yesterday i recieved a letter confirming they had set up a direct debit account,but still no confirmation as to whether the fitter would be here on the dayi asked for[1 AUGUST].i get home from work today[30 july]and my neighbour tells me a man from NTL has been banging on my door trying to get a response.bloody typical!i will now wait and see if he turns up on monday as arranged,if not i'll be staying with AOL,and getting rid of my NTL phone and tv package.

  Pooke 12:23 31 Jul 2005

well been with Ntl for eight months now, I must say I am more than pleased with their service. The only glitch I had was the tv box kept periodically crashing, but updates fixed that within a week or so. I have the phone package with free calls, family pack tv and 2meg broadband for £57 per month. Alot cheaper than having separate companies provide the above!

I'm a happy ntl customer!!

  Forum Editor 13:32 31 Jul 2005

the fact that NTL missed one appointment because an engineer didn't turn up for work is hardly the end of the world.

We seem to have developed a mindset that says we must have everything for next to nothing, and we must have it immediately. I'm not an apologist for NTL, or any other supplier, but time after time I see threads in which people let loose at a company because something (or someone) hasn't arrived dead on time. It's irritating, certainly, but businesses are run by human beings, and errors occur, people fail to turn up for work, vehicles break down, and a million other things go wrong. Some companies are very bad when it comes to customer service, and some are very good. The reason for both extremes is that individuals are involved - some companies are better managed than others.

By all means complain when you've been treated badly, but please try to maintain a sense of perspective - all of us (bar none) have failed to perform at peak levels at some point in our lives. Missing an appointment because an engineer wasn't at work doesn't seem to me to warrant the accusation that you're being treated like a doormat.

  Dragon Heart 02:32 19 Aug 2005

Whilst I can accept the points raised by the Forum Editor what I can not accept is a company who are, in this area at least, a monopoly in providing cable Broadband, Phone & TV being prepared to promise to do something then not do it.

To continue with the saga I have just received a letter dated 27th July (agreed installation date remember was the 29th) giving me my activation code. Yet when I placed my order I was told that once the engineer has visited I would be able to use the service immediately. This is clearly not the case.

I did finally get a phone call from NTL Customer Service who have promised to investigate my complaint ....... not going to hold my breath !

Your comment that "Missing an appointment because an engineer wasn't at work doesn't seem to me to warrant the accusation that you're being treated like a doormat" is something I must disagree with. NTL have created a catalogue of errors and from other forums I have now visited they do appear to have somewhat of a reputation for missed appointments and poor customer care.

I accept and fully agree there is no such thing as a 'free lunch' but supermarkets have been offering these 'loss leaders' for years, these are designed to get you in the door but to keep us returning to the shop they have to provide a decent level of service.

Yes businesses are run by human beings, and errors occur, people fail to turn up for work, vehicles break down, and a million other things go wrong ..... but other companies anticipate for these things and still keep appointments. Thanks to OFWAT if my water supplier (another monopoly) fails to turn up for an appointment I get money refunded. If they miss too many appointments the water company also gets a rap from OFWAT. Their other levels of service are also monitored and it can / does effect their revenue.

As 'Pooke' claims he's a haply NTL customer but why is he getting good service and others not .... maybe its because he's spending £57 / month with them ?

If a company is failing to supply the goods / services they offer then we must complain in numbers and volume. Why should they agree to take our hard earned money then not deliver.

Certain press reports claim the company called NTL may not be in existence this time next year .... if that's due to poor management and / or poor customer care who's fault is that ?

  Andybear 08:38 19 Aug 2005

I've been hearing rumours about NTL going out of business for as long as I can remember. They're still here. Like Pooke, I'm happy with them.

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