ntl upgrade

  terryr48 16:09 19 Jun 2004

Has anyone had the promised free broadband speed increase upgrade from ntl yet?

  Jarvo 19:45 19 Jun 2004

Its due late summer?

  Tim1964 23:29 19 Jun 2004

I'll start holding my breath then :)

  bananaslik 09:48 20 Jun 2004

i think they have turned mine down,for the last month or so mine is like a tortoise,dial up would be quicker.iv'e checked comp for spyware & all the usual little bugs & everything seems to be ok.it'll b ntl they'll have turned it down so that when they supposedly turn it up i'll b on my normal speed.

  pat2068 00:05 21 Jun 2004

ntl upgrade is late august according to thee customer services but if you have 600k and you phone them and ask if you can have the free upgrade they will give you 1mg for a month for the price of the 600k

  pj123 17:15 21 Jun 2004

leo the lion. Then what happens? Do you go back to 600 or do they deem you have agreed to the 1mb service and start charging.

  hugh-265156 02:44 22 Jun 2004

they are advertising on their sky digital channel that all packages are cut in price by half for a few months if you sign up now.

leo the lion as above did you agree to this and what are the terms of the temporary upgrade please? very interested as i have the 600k £24.99 service.

  duckers 11:48 22 Jun 2004

In all fairness NTL are probably spending time ensuring the system can cope as the majority of users are on 150K broad band the bandwidth useage will double at peak times; this may need upgrades to certain parts of th esystem and retesting which is the possibly the reason the system is currently not performing very well, I am having the same problem lately with slow web page loading, etc but I am being patient, I am sure NTL will come right in the end as they did with teh mail system when that was overloaded.

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