NTL and their new Spam filter

  g0slp 14:31 19 Sep 2005

I'm impressed. I know it's been running for about 7 weeks, but I've been out of the country & therefore away from my own computers.

Talking to my family, they tell me that there have hardly been any spams getting through; certainly I've not seen any in the 3 days that I've been at home. Considering that we were getting 50-60 per day, (& getting real value from Mailwasher Pro in the process !!) this is great news.

NTL get slated on occasion; however this appears to be a real success story. Nothing important seems to be getting missed either.

Only downside; how am I going to make ends meet, now that my regular income of millions of dollars, courtesy of the 'lads from Lagos', has been stopped...

  pj123 15:28 19 Sep 2005

What spam filter is that then? I am on NTL Broadband and still get somewhere around 20 spam mails a day. I will watch it over the next few days and see if they reduce. I wouldn't want it to block genuine "information emails" if it thought they were spam though.

  g0slp 15:35 19 Sep 2005

As I say, I was away when it was introduced, so all I know is this

click here

I'm on ADSL via a BT line (unfortunately) not NTL's cable. However I'd have thought the filters should be the same for both systems (or all 3 if you include Dial-up)


  freaky 15:42 19 Sep 2005

NTL have been automatically filtering spam for about 5 months now.......big improvement. I was getting about 50-60 per day previously!

They also stop email viruse's at source, my NAV has not spotted any for months.

  Chris the Ancient 16:51 19 Sep 2005

just how much stuff gets filtered that shouldn't!

I had a colleague with a hotmail account who used to email me reasonably regularly, and a lot of his emails never got to me and were 'rejected' at the server. All others that used to get the same email (all different providers) never had the problem.

So, I have to ask myself, how much valid stuff is getting rejected?

  pj123 16:56 19 Sep 2005

Chris the Ancient, I'm with you here. I have lots of friends who email me regularly but I don't get them on my NTL email address. I have told them to use my Hotmail address and there are no problems. So is NTL blocking more than it should?

  Chris the Ancient 19:38 19 Sep 2005

Thank goodness! So I'm not the only one then.

Same as you, those that have had difficulties use my alternate email address as well.


  freaky 20:25 19 Sep 2005

I have not had any problems that I am aware of regarding emails not coming through from NTL.

I have two email addresses with them, one for personal and another for business...both OK.

Most of the spam mail is sent with 2 or more named addresses, therefore it is a simple matter for NTL or any ISP for that matter, to correctly regard them as spam. A couple of friends are with NTL, and they also have experienced no problems.

Nevertheless your point is noted!

  Chris the Ancient 21:16 19 Sep 2005

in ntlworld.com and found (with no great ease) that I have some control over my spam filtering!

I've adjusted my filter so that I get the minimum filtering and everything (except viruses) routed to my inbox (?) but with suspected spam labelled as such. Then it would be my responsibility to set up a rule of my own if I want.

But as I use mailwasher, I can apply my filtering there.

I shall now see if my intake of spam goes through the roof again!


  g0slp 22:44 19 Sep 2005

I was just going to post about setting preferences, but you've beaten me to it!


  Legolas 12:56 23 Sep 2005

I have set my NTL FILTERS to allow all emails without filtering just in case I miss something important and I still only get a handfull of emails a day as opposed to the 50-60 I was getting before the new filters were applied.

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