NTL speed update

  floydking 15:06 27 Apr 2004

Well done NTL! As a non gaming member I have found your 150bps superb. I didn't know it was going to be doubled, that is wonderful. As with all your products they have always been excellent, but whereas your customer services used to be dreadful they have also improved greatly. Keep it up. A happy customer!

  EliM 16:36 27 Apr 2004

I am happy with internet but NTL's email service is not good - I haven't been able to access email for two days now.


  floydking 17:45 27 Apr 2004

I'm sorry to hear that. I must confess that at one time in January I almost resigned when I was on dial up and recieved a bill for 40 quid more than it ought to have been. This turned out to be a criminal in spain who had planted a trojan on my computer thus allowing himself the convenience of using my computer to dial out his business from. They refered me to ICSTIS (as seen on 'Watchdog' lately. £40 I didn't realise how lucky I was) who told me that they had received many complaints regarding this company - they ran a download site apparently; at this time I was still trying so many downloads out that I couldn't say which one. They consequently (ICSTIS) fined the criminal £50,000 suspended him for a time, and suggested that those of us who were wronged should take this guy to court. Methinks taking a resident of Spain to court wouldn't have been worth it for such a pitence. Whatever, NTLs now excellent Customer Services won me around after I had sent in my letters of resignation telling them that I was switching to a set top box and Freeserve. Believe me, to make me turn around like that isn't easy. Now I have no regrets. NTL - I look forward to the 100 quid that you will give me for giving you such excellent publicity!

  pmow 17:57 27 Apr 2004

i currently use NTL's 1mb service and saw the story about the upgrade to 1.5 mb at the same price so called customer services for a likely date for it to happen
they hadn't even heard about it so does anyone know if it is an official statement or are they just hoping to do it sometime

  squillary 18:04 27 Apr 2004

I'm really tempted to entirely blame the computer owner for these bills, but I know I'm being unfair. Every computer owner should be given a safety leaflet about internet use and be encouraged (nay, forced) to buy (or download free and reliable) antivirus and firewall software. I know it costs, but as you found out to your relatively low cost it can easily save more in both time and hassle.

That said, I bought both and it very nearly made no difference when ActiveX controls on my computer were allowed to default to auto-download. The firewall only picked it up after my connection was closed and it tried to dial a new connection. I was saved by the skin of my teeth from the same fate and I already consider myself to be paranoid! For the inexperienced they wouldn't stand a chance. And it's always the MP3 sites and supposedly free download sites recommended by the big names that are at fault.

All the big names know it, allow it and take a bung for it. It should be stopped by holding the redirection sites equally responsible IMHO.

  floydking 18:13 27 Apr 2004

I have nearly always used AVG which I attempt to update every morning and again when I've finished working each day. Although it's the free version I would rate it very highly. I bought Norton and I know it's almost a heresay to say this about Symantec's products (their utils. are excellent), but I found it a disaster. It failed before it even had time to update, which I suppose was what was to blame. It was still an awful suprise though, so I reverted to AVG which I have trusted for a couple of years.
I do sympathise with your view about it being the responsibility of the computer owner to a large extent though. They supply the 'roads' we drive on them. If we drive badly then it's our own fault when we crash. Though I get the feeling that like me you would agree that there should be a few more 'cops' though and a stricter 'highway code'.

  squillary 19:18 27 Apr 2004

While /I/ use Symantec product, I know others get on fine with the freebies. One or other should really be compulsory for retailers to provide. No disagreement with your sentiments here - especially your last sentence. The consequence is the propogation of even more viruses etc, so it's vital IMHO.

  floydking 20:08 27 Apr 2004

Yep, a kindred spirit. I agree with you totally. If you supply a road then it ought to come with a great deal more safety measures built into it's infrastructure than is now considered by the ISPs to be sufficient. Especially when there are so many learner 'drivers' out there. Though ultimately it is up to us the 'motorists' to enrich and protect ourselves with sufficient knowlege to deal with the occasional crises.

  squillary 20:21 27 Apr 2004

While the comparison with driving is right, this bizarre highway is packed with learner drivers, having taken no test and oblivious to the fact that accidents are actively looking for them through viruses or portscans umpteen times a day, like it or not.

Even if there's no legal compulsion on sellers, or service providers or telcos, the requirement is desperate and help should be actively rammed down buyers throats - as an act of self-preservation if nothing else.

We're not in 'nicey nicey' territory here. Just think of the fights people have with these companies.

Like car insurance policies, I can't see why anyone would complain if they were asked to prove they had appropriate protection and if they didn't be given Kerio\ZoneAlarm & AVG or something equivalent of the customers' choice. Just don't go away with nothing.

Yes, I am a nazi! :)))

  uncle brian 08:56 28 Apr 2004

This is news to me I can't see any news on ntls pages about the upgrade in 1meg to 1.5megs but I did get a letter saying that they were increaseing the costs to the 1meg broadband service by £3

  floydking 11:03 28 Apr 2004

You certainly don't sound like a 'nazi' squillary, but more like a 'good sense monger'. And I'm certainly not a nazi!

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