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  Mastermind 23:17 12 Feb 2005

I moved last July and as a result cancelled my services with NTL. This included phone, TV and dial-up internet.

My phone and TV services where cancelled too efficiently, several days before I'd asked them to.

However, it took two months and several phone calls and letters for the internet service to be cancelled. This meant that two further monthly payments were taken by direct debit totalling about £25.

After some more letters and phone calls they wrote to me in September saying that they would refund me the £25.

I'm still waiting.

When I speak to them on the phone I'm told that they will look into it and phone me back. They don't. They also don't respond to any of my letters. This has been going on for five months now.

I realise that it's only £25, but I don’t see why they should win this.

What else can I do?

  Tim1964 00:24 13 Feb 2005

Threaten them with an intention to take them to the small claims court, in writing (sent by recorded delivery of course). Give then , say, 14 days to respond or you will proceed without further communication with them. Don't forget to add the court costs (very little but it's the principal) and the cost of all the calls/letter made.

  spuds 17:31 13 Feb 2005

Get in touch with click here and/or click here They will give you advice or direct you to the appropriate people.

  pipedream 22:22 13 Feb 2005

You could also try click here - I finally got a £30 refund from NTL after contacting them... everything else I tried failed to get any response whatsoever i.e. letters, e-mails, pone calls etc. I doubt they ever get any 'repeat' customers!

  Master.mind 15:55 11 Mar 2005

I've written to NTL again reminding them that they owe my £25 and implying that I will take them to the small claims court.

I have also written to OfCOM telling them of the situation.

It's been a further four weeks now and so far I've had no repsonse from either.

  medicine hat 16:44 11 Mar 2005

Your bank can simply refund you under the Direct Debit guarantee. Forget NTL - speak to your bank!

  pipedream 22:20 11 Mar 2005

Have you tried click here as I suggested above? You've got nothing (more) to lose & it worked for me with NTL.

  pj123 16:53 12 Mar 2005

Did you not advise your bank to cancel the Direct Debit when you cancelled the NTL services?

That's what I did when I cancelled a supplier recently, (not NTL). I soon got a letter from them saying that "We have been advised by your bank that the Direct Debit has been cancelled".

I wrote back telling them that I had given them the obligatory 30 days notice of cancellation and that I would cancel the Direct Debit.

Have heard nothing since.

  vejsnas 15:53 26 Mar 2005

I had exactly the same problem. I stupidly did not think to cancel my direct debit.
However I got all my money back!
I had to be pushy, do not let the first person who answers fob you off; insist to talk to their accounts department. Then the manager of that department. Explain problem to that person, do not bother with any one else first, insist to get them to send check immediately. Worked for me had check within 5 days!

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