NTL im going round in circles

  antony-332406 10:56 04 Jun 2006

anyone advise me on what to do next?
thursday may 25, i lost my internet connection, this has happened before and after an hour or so it normally comes back, this time it didnt.....
still nothing by friday night so i phone customer servics, to be told to speak to technical helpline, they check and no problems.....
i get put back to customer services.. 'ah, your accounts been cut off'
im not just about out off mobile credit.. £10 has gone just calling ntl
i get 1/2 way to telling ntl this fact when it runs out.
more credit, i ring back, explain the previous call.. 'we need to get tech to check the line'
'no you dont'
'yes we do'
they do, ... 'aw, its an account problem, nothing we can do till tuesday bank holiday monday'
the long and the short of it is... i live in a bedsit, another ntl customer in the same house asked to be disconnected, they cut me off instead.
its now 10 days, and i STILL dont have a connection
phone calls now add up to £28>

  Fellsider 11:46 04 Jun 2006

1. Get NTL to confirm in writing that they cut off the wrong person.

2. Then use this to try to claim the cost of your calls and compensation for the lack of service due to their incompetence.

  spuds 12:01 04 Jun 2006

Get in touch with your local trading standards or CAB. You could also try Consumer Direct click here , which is going to cost you the telephone call. You may find that you have a claim under consumer law The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. click here

You could also seek further help and advice from Ofcom click here

  namtas 13:17 04 Jun 2006

Not really much that you could claim for is there? unless you are running a business on your connection.

You may be lucky and get a payment to keep you happy, Loss of your internet browser for social use would see you hard pressed to make a case for compen.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:15 04 Jun 2006

you should press for cost of calls, any costs incurred while having to re-top up (maybe you had to catch a bus to a shop to buy a voucher, I dunno) and also refund and/or credit for the time you have paid for service but been disconnected.


  jimmybond 01:07 05 Jun 2006

come on now - you can't just say cos he's not using it for business, no compensation is due. I think that, once you pay for a service (phone, broadband etc), there must be something in consumer law which says it can't just be cancelled without prior notice.

If Britsh gas, or whoever cut off your power for threee weeks, due to an error on their part - I think you'd be in order of compensation. They can't just say - "oh you'd only be using it to watch coronation street and make a brew, it's not like you're running a home office"

  namtas 10:20 05 Jun 2006

At the end of the day you have two options only, one is to appeal to the kindness of the firm and hope that you will get compensation, this will very much depend on how they see the situation, some may see youir point, some may simply say no way.

The other way is to seek legal compensation and their is very little chance in my opinion of making a case that would see a county court judge award compensation for the situation quoted.

To claim compensation in this aspect in law you have to prove measurable losses accured.

  Fellsider 16:17 05 Jun 2006

'Loss of your internet browser for social use would see you hard pressed to make a case for compen...'

I would, at least, expect a refund of the cost of the service for the period that it was unavailable, as you are paying for something which they did not provide through no fault on the system, if nothing else.

  namtas 17:01 05 Jun 2006

Indeed - the two get confused a lot. perhaps it should be more obvious that REFUNDS can be offered, but COMPENSATION is not...

... then again, I can't see NTL Marketing letting that one out, can you?

  DerekR 20:38 05 Jun 2006

click here

Post your message on the forum bords on this site - many of the moderators on there are actually NTL employees, and they can and DO help people with problems such as yours.

  GaT7 21:26 05 Jun 2006

If DerekR's forum link gets you nowhere, here's a couple more to post to click here & click here. Good luck, G

P.S. Different problem but good outcome - sometime ago I had a connection problem that NTL customer support couldn't/wouldn't solve. Anyway, I posted the problem at NTLHell. Within an hour someone had posted step-by-step instructions, which I followed & within minutes I was able to get the connection to work again : )

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