NTL Hell

  WaTcHiNg 21:09 21 Jan 2003
  WaTcHiNg 21:09 21 Jan 2003

having been on NTL Broadband for over 12 months and recently upgraded to 1Mb, I finally convinced my in laws to get on the 128k package.

It is only now that I realise how bad NTL are at integrating as a company. Thankfully their service offerings are very stable and so I never have to deal with their support people. Bear with me this is long;

NTLWorld dialup is going up to £10 a month so they decided that for an extra £4.99, it's worth it.

10/1/2003 Sales staff called advising that they should go on 600k pack not 128k and then drop it down after 1 month so that they don't pay £25 connection fee. Then after 1 month they can drop down to 128k. Net cost is that they pay £25 for the first month which they don't need and I see nothing in the 12 month contract which states you can swap between bandwidths after 1 month.

13/1/2003 I contacted sales department told them that we want the 128k pack. Julian (sales operative) cancelled the order and installation date for 600k (which actually hadn't even been agreed to at this stage!) and enabled the 128k. I also asked him to cance the dialup (not needing it anymore) which he duly did. Told him I'd install it rather than incur the £25 charge - agreed.

13/1/2003 Arrived at inlaws house installed NIC and all OK.

20/1/2003 Bill arrives with 600kbps charge of £24.99 AND 128kbps charge of £14.99 along with a bill for £10 dialup for February. (Did I miss something or are NTL just incompetent in sales?) Mother In Law (MIL) rings NTL asking what's going on, NTL disable Broadband and tell her she'll have to go through the 'register your PC' again for broadband. MIL gets confused and calls me

21/1/2003 Eventually find that NTL had cancelled all broadband, got 128k reinstated and then ask can I simply transfer the old dialup email account to broadband. Told I can but because that would mean that the dialup account was live (and we're now into the next bililng period) I would be charged £10 and then I can transfer the account to a pay as you go. Eventually forget the whole lot, cancelled dial up (again) and started again with new email address (well I will when the registration server is working again).

Overall, pretty dire on NTL's behalf. Lots of information not given at the time of upgrading to BB from dialup and generally not able to process a simple transaction without passing you through 4 departments (At least I think it was 4, I got bored of counting after 3 passes)

  TBH1 12:15 22 Jan 2003

the people at click here may be able to help you here - have a look, this is a very good site

  jazzypop 12:37 22 Jan 2003

Sad to hear your tale.

My experience of NTL is a little different. I have installed NTL broadband for more than a dozen people - a mixture of 128, 600 and 1000Kb/s - some moved from dialup to BB, some were new customers - some have a cable modem, some have a single set-top box, some have multiple set-top boxes - some have single PCs, some have networked PCs. These were all family or friends, I am not running any sort of commercial enterprise.

For those who already have some sort of NTL service (phone, TV etc), it has never been more difficult than phoning NTL, asking for the BB to be enabled, and within the hour it is all up and running.

For those who did not yet have any sort of NTL installation, I would just turn up once the engineeers had installed the equipment, and typically the user was online within 15 minutes.

I'm not trying to diminish the admin difficulties that you have faced - just providing an alternative perspective.

  special sophie 12:56 22 Jan 2003

you should still be able to access the old email account as it is free I've been on BB for about 9 months and I was on dial with NTL before I haven't accessed my old dial up email account for about a year and last week I tried and low and behold it is still active and full of a years worth of spam, magic :)

  Coaster3 22:09 22 Jan 2003

However I had no problems with NTLs BB service. Started with i28 and later upgraded to 512. The service is absolutely superb with no problems whatsoever.
As Gandalf so often points out - how many satisfied customers are there for every disatisfied one?

  Mig2 22:27 22 Jan 2003

I found that even though it takes ages to speak to a human their service team resolved any
problems I had, went for 600k first, then 1mb at christmas, whoosh!!

  WaTcHiNg 22:33 22 Jan 2003

I must just expect too much!

  geoff47 01:20 23 Jan 2003

Have just signed up for BB with NTL....read other thread...was after 128? at same price as BT anytime, advised to save connection fee and go for 6oo and downgrade at end of first month,plus get a free webcam.
Setting it up on Friday.......keeping my fingers crossed...dont really want the top 600...as the improvement will be good enough for me as well as a freed up phone line....am waiting with baited breath for problems.
Will report back my progress in original thread.
Wish me luck.

  bow1 03:51 23 Jan 2003

When I upgraded to 600k from dial up, the setup asked if I wanted to keep my old username and password, if you choose this option it automatically cancels your dial up. If you enter a new username and password they assume you would also like to keep your dial up account live.

  accord 06:41 23 Jan 2003

ive upgraded from NTL dial up to 600k BB with no problems and more to the point, no monies going to NTL dial up afterwards, coz i cancelled the direct debit straight away.

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