NTL Customer ?service?

  WaTcHiNg 18:20 27 Jan 2003

It's now been almost 48 hours since NTL were able to make any user changes, provide full technical support or that people could register for the service. After much trouble with the installation, I still have no email and can't get one with ntlworld as their registration service.

Moreover, I call the helpdesk, go through 5 different option menus (1 min 50 seconds last time) at an 0845 rate only to be told: 'We are connecting yu to an agent', ring rnig ring 'Due to unprecedented demand, we are unable to take your call at this time'

Wonder if they'll credit my phone bill for all the 1 min 50 seconds of wasted time?

If you're feeling bored, give it a go: 0845 6500125.

Meanwhile, I'm going to dig out the MDs office number which I got last time I complained and threatened court action:)

Why oh why???? The service once you're on is great, but customer services always lets them down.

  spuds 19:08 27 Jan 2003

Perhaps this lack of service over the past 48 hours, may have something to do with the 'Slammer' internet ISP problem!!.

  WaTcHiNg 21:51 27 Jan 2003

possibly; but why not just say that?

I guess it ties in thinking about it. If they hold account details on an SQL server.......

  WaTcHiNg 22:59 27 Jan 2003

Eventually got through - persistence paid off and 3 hrs.

Account sorted =- very professional as well.

I asked about the virus and got told - yes (but that's unofficial!)

  Pc.2 23:31 27 Jan 2003

Brother, who lives three doors down from me, had no access because of this unofficial virus for the past week, but I have not had any problems getting on, I didn't even know until my brother told me, and he couldn't believe that I was still on........so, why does it effect yourself and my brother?????? I wish I knew. Another thing that is true is Customer Service, all my brother got was a message telling him that they were busy, call back later and cut him off. You are right when you say that CS is appalling, it does let everyone else down.

  WaTcHiNg 23:33 27 Jan 2003

I reckon it's DHCP related.
My lease her has another few days to run therefore I have a valid IP address for their systems. My in laws expired the day before he started having problems and I couldn't get it to renew.

No IP = no internet

However, that was the least of the problems - registration server is so unreliable it's unheard of!

  jazzypop 23:43 27 Jan 2003

If you have the NTL phone service, you can dial 151 and get through for free.

Yes, the queue is often long, but the quality of support once you get through is much better than the typical 'well, format and reinstall everything, and see if that works' type of advice that so many so-called support lines seem to offer.

I once had a 1.5hr phone call to sort out a particularly complex problem on a friends new installation - they were thorough, helpful, patient and highly knowledgeable.

I'm sure they could reduce the waiting times if they reduced the quality of the support.

Oh yes, and I have had several refunds on phone bills - you only have to ask nicely :)

But for some strange reason, they do seem to have had endless problems with their registration servers :(

  WaTcHiNg 23:48 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for the advice re:151 didn't know that!

It's almost as though they cling to a few magic
words on tech support. I mentioned ie6 the other day and that was suddenly the reason - reinstalled w98 and ie5.5 - still no joy.

The guy I spoke to tonight was very courteous, professional and helpful.

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