NTL cost cutting

  WhiteTruckMan 18:13 17 Jun 2006

Got a bumf letter from ntl today asking if I wanted to upgrade any services. Decided to give them a call on the numbers on the letter and see about increasing my tv package. first number was 08000522000 (i.e. free) and just got a recorded message to ring an 0845 (not free) number. then I tried the other number on the letter, which was 1503 freecall from an NTL line which I have. number not recognised. So I called customer services on the 0845 number and asked about this. I was told that you cannot call ntl free anymore and had been like that for "a while". The operator had no idea why the old, free, numbers were still being circulated

didnt bother upgrading my tv package after all.


  Arnie 19:50 17 Jun 2006

They changed their numbers around a month ago.

If you have a fault problem it is 0845.

A technical problem is 0870 (more expensive).

I think it is wrong to have to sit on the end of a telephone line at my expense, if for example I want to report a cable fault.

  Mr Techy 13:21 18 Jun 2006

I tried phoning them the other day on their 0800 number and was told 'Sorry but this number no longer works. Please redial 0845 ... / 0870 ... '. Tried it only to be told 'Our offices are now closed.' If the information on my last bill is anytihng to go by, their recorded message is a complete LIE!!!

Yes, I tried sending them an e-mail through the website. It's more like a customer satisfaction survey. I saw no list of e-mail addresses.

I hung up and gave up. I wish they were more honest and clear with their pricing.

I also had to use 0845 to try to resolve a TV remote handset fault. When I did get through operator agreed that remote was faulty but new policy dictated that I pay £15 for a replacement remote. I disagreed with this payment, and asked to speak to a senior. Should have known better - was just left on hold at 5p a minute - so hung up. I assume, if I remain with ntl, that I'm now expected to get up and change channels etc on a system I pay £45.50 per month for.
What customer service

  terryf 00:48 01 Jul 2006

Try enlisting the help of your local trading standards

  SG Atlantis® 09:21 01 Jul 2006

Jess62. Said remote controls on ebay.... click here

total cost less than £4 inc. delivery on most listings.

  SG Atlantis® 09:29 01 Jul 2006

I recently left ntl, went back to sky/bt for my serices and I'm new to Tiscali for internet.

I'm alot happier and less stressed that I have left them. I used to cut off for nothing, then they used to double charge me. I would get charged for 1meg BB and 10meg BB at the same time! Can I recieve both?

Each bill would show... Account overdue, balance brought forward of £21.xx or something. At the bottom it says Please note this will adversely affect your credit rating as we share paymment info with Credit Reference agencies. Even though the bill was paid on time every time.

Then I had to pay to call them and it never got resolved. I really couldn't be bothered with them anymore.

  Ikelos 11:47 01 Jul 2006

They dont call them NTHELL for nothing...their sevice is nothing short of a disgrace...

  Ikelos 11:49 01 Jul 2006

sevice = service,

Thanks for the ebay suggestion - I will probably follow that up. Still doesn't alter the fact that your expected to pay for hired equipment that defaults though.
Many moons ago I was with tiscalli via dial up but ditched it because of the amount of spam I was receiving. Mailwasher intercepted it but still a nuisanse. They've probably improved now

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