NTL Conundrum

  Nick1 22:36 14 Feb 2003

I use NTL and very pleased with it I am, too.

What I get from them is this: 3p 2p 1p telephone call charges (NTL haven't cabled my area so I have to use BT and pay them a line rental) I pay a monthly charge for my internet connection (dial up) and get £15 worth of free voice phone calls per month. I pay no call charges for the internet connection.

I find this service so good that I advised my friend from across the road to use it. When he phoned NTL they told him that the service is not available. I phoned them after that and after some discussion I was told that the service is open to new customers. he phoned again to organise it but was told again that the service is not available.

Does anyone know what is going on?


  Forum Editor 23:09 14 Feb 2003

someone at NTL doesn't.

I suggest that you invite your friend over, phone NTL while he's there, and put them on the spot.

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