Ntl broadband..reliable? good value?

  TimCDC 16:07 30 Aug 2005

I'm thinking of switching from dial up to broadband, through the current ntl offer of 1MB for £9-99 a month alongside one of their phone packages. I've heard some not-so-good things re ntl and tech support, but I guess you could hear that about anything. Can anyone out there recommend or warn me off this package and is there a good site out (pc advisor excepted, obviously! there that can help me look at users' views re broadband providers in general re quality, price etc?

  Stuartli 16:34 30 Aug 2005

Just been reading a query about NTL broadband on another forum from someone who uses the company for phone and TV, but is reluctant to take up broadband as well because of what he describes as "appalling" support services.

The problem in his case, of course, is that he really needs a BT line to sign up to, say, Tiscali and would also have to pay line rental.

In your case why not investigate the Tiscali BB and phone offers?

Phone offers at:

click here

and BB 2MB (plus 2GB cap for moment) at:

click here

Tiscali also does a 1MB BB and AnyTime UK phone calls package but it's £19.99 at present.

However, Tiscali is constantly changing its packages for better ones and you can check regularly via its Broadband Upgrade link on the latest.

  TimCDC 17:07 30 Aug 2005

Thanks. All this stuff re tech support prompts a question that I really hope doesnt' come back and bite me....why would it matter what tech support is like. Surely the initial reliability is more important (and I don't know what that's like for ntl). Does much go wrong with simple broadband and phone access? I've never had to call any of my internet providers or phone providers for tech support.

  freaky 19:18 30 Aug 2005

Been using NTL for many years, and changed to their Broadband service about 3-4 years ago.

Over the past year they have made major improvements to their services and I find them excellent. The service now includes Spam filtering and anti-virus, with the result that for the past 6 months my Norton AVI has not detected a single virus via email.

As regards service, they have a freephone number for Broadband users...so no charges at all. On the few occasions I have called them, they have been very helpful. About a year ago I rang them about a problem with the Modem... 1 hour later an
Engineer called and replaced it.

  keith-236785 20:05 30 Aug 2005

i almost fully agree with freaky.....

except for on friday night i lost internet connection. never mind i thought, time for bed. saturday morning, still no internet, tried resetting the modem and my router, re-installed windows from a restore dvd. still no internet.

rang NTL, phone system ran me in circles finally cutting me off TWICE....

finally spoke to a tech support person who i think was reading from an "ntl for dummies book"

finally agreed it wasnt my computer at fault, even suggested downloading the latest windows updates (obviously not such a bright spark) but without internet how do i do that.........

decided by phone that my modem had died and i would be phoned WITHIN 48 hours by an engineer to arrange a replacement. its now 56 hours since that phone call.

Sunday morning plugged my modem back in and tried it again, hey presto it worked (and still is) clever people, changed my modem without even entering my house LMAO.

seems like my modem needed a rest (i suspect it was a NTL line problem but..)

apart from this one episode, i have no complaints with NTL and have been with them for about 8 years (TV, Telephone & Internet (dial up and BB)) and have had no other trouble.

but before jumping in, try Bulldog click here, they offer faster connection (upto 8 meg connection) at reasonable prices.

others should also come on with different opinions but the choice is yours.

good luck

  keith-236785 20:08 30 Aug 2005

oops, that link is wrong.

click here


  Monoux 20:08 30 Aug 2005

Have been on NTL Freedom ( for those who cannot access by cable ) for several years. 3 months ago switched to their £24.99 per month phone and broadband package. Very pleased with the service rec'd , installation went like clockwork

  freaky 20:20 30 Aug 2005

Beware of recommending Bulldog at present. There was an article in one of the Sunday papers, evidently they are having BIG problems!!

As regards NTL Help, I had a problem earlier in the year and was speaking to a "Gentlemen of Indian ancestry". In the end I hung up as I could barely understand a word he said. I tried a few hours later and got one of their engineers, and the problem was solved.

  canard 20:22 30 Aug 2005

Had NTL BB since2002. Support and help excellent- not a single compaint.

  TimCDC 20:54 30 Aug 2005

Ok, thanks guys and gals, that seems good enough for me. I reckon I'll take the plunge...seems cheapest deal around until tomorrow's deadline...

  Pesala 21:14 30 Aug 2005

Reliable? Your mileage may vary. My experience is that it works fine for months, then starts disconnecting for no obvious reason. Getting support can be difficult. I would have changed before now if I had a landline, but when you factor in £10 a month for a landline rental most other suppliers don't come close on value for money.

Good value? Yes, but not if your business depends on having a reliable connection. If you can be patient when it goes wrong, the engineers will fix it soon enough, but getting them to call can be a frustraging (Freudian slip) experience if you're in a hurry to fetch your email and get back online.

Think of it as Easyjet rather than Singapore airlines and you won't be disappointed.

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