NTL broadband slow download speeds

  Rual 22:47 23 Apr 2003

I recently subscribed to NTL 128K broadband(Bromley,Kent area)on a cable modem connection.The initial modem installation from the NTL disc failed and I had to install the modem manually with the assistance of the NTL help desk.All seemed well.I then went for the three month free upgrade to 600k.This seemed fine for a few days,obtaining downloads of up to 570k.I then noticed a slowdown and on speedtesting, using various sites,I was only downloading at 120k.I checked with NTL who said I was still on 600k.Downloads still remained at 120k and NTL insisted it was a problem with my system.
Unfortunately, after at least 20 phone calls to the NTL help desk,they only succeded in crashing my PC and then telling me"Windows 98SE must be worn out, its over 3 years old!".
I have revived the system, but am now only downloading at 20k.
I dread calling NTL again.Anybody out there had the same problem? Anybody got any ideas how to get my 600k back.Does anybody know what the network settings should be for a cable modem?
My system is:
266 Pentium 2
Windows 98se
256 ram

I have zonealarm installed, but was getting 570k downloads,so I know this isn't the problem.

Being a novice, I've obtained valuable information from this forum in the past and I know there is somebody out there who can solve my problem.
Go to it lads and lasses.

  Rual 23:26 23 Apr 2003

Forgot to mention its a USB connection.

  imlearnin 00:26 24 Apr 2003

have you tried unplugging ntl set top box, leave it unplugged for at least 1 minute, take smart card out and give gold chip a wipe and put back in bottom slot, also shut down pc, then plug set top box back in wait for two solid green lights then start your pc back up, check all wires/ ethernet cables and usb are connected securely (pulling out and pushing back in if necessary) hope it works!

  two00lbwaster 00:34 24 Apr 2003

hmmmm 570k downloads sounds wrong as the connection you have when on 600Kb is actually 75KB download speed. downloads normally start a little in excess of this at about 120KB but quickly drop to sub 75KB around the 70-73KB mark on my system anyway.

Kb is the speed 128(150)/600/1mbit connections are rated at but these are Kilo bit values, to get the download speeds in KiloBytes you have to divide by 8 (8 bits in a Byte) thus

128(150)Kbs is actually = 16(18.75)KBs download

600Kbs is actually = 75KBs download

1mbit is actually = 128KBs download

hope that helps it seams you are back on the recently upgraded 150Kbs service

  jeez 04:31 24 Apr 2003

I agree with twoool the highest I've seen has leveled at about 80KBs i'm on 600k ntl too, I've been on 1Mb and got speeds of about 100-110k and 128k where i got speeds of 9-13k. if your back on 128k then your about right.

  jeez 04:33 24 Apr 2003

try promos.mcafee.com/speedometer this is the one I use and it's pretty accurate

  Rual 18:41 24 Apr 2003

Sorry about the confusion.Some speedsites give the connection as the download speed as well.
Just to clarify matters my original 128k connection was giving download speeds of 12KB.When I upgraded to 600k I was getting download speeds of 65KB. Unbelievable as it may seem I'm now getting download speeds of 2KB.


  Coaster3 19:17 24 Apr 2003


click here

It shows my NTL connection as 557 kbps.

  hugh-265156 00:00 27 Apr 2003

try this speed test very reliable click here

  Coaster3 09:38 27 Apr 2003

Tried you link - could only get text.

  christopher-256846 22:24 27 Apr 2003

i,m with ntl on 600k mine levels out about 78k glad to see ppl get roughly the same means its runnin normally,maybe u guys with problems should threaten ntl that u r goin to another provider no ppl who done it & and they could,nt be more helpful

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