NTL Broadband

  pj123 23:08 15 Jul 2003

My NTL Broadband has just gone down. I tried the Internet Helpdesk and guess what? It closes at 8pm. So it looks like a company providing a 24 hour service doesn't have a 24 hour help line. I have now gone back to my dialup "backup" system so I can't stay long as it costs a bomb. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  perpetually-perplexed 23:18 15 Jul 2003

hi...try checking the server at ntlhome. that may tell you whats wrong

  pj123 23:47 15 Jul 2003

Thanks. I tried ntlhome and found a fone number that was valid up to Midnight. I spoke to someone there but I got "sorry can't help you tonight, try again tomorrow" Not a good result, but maybe I can get it sorted tomorrow. Perhaps he just wanted to go home?

  jazzypop 23:56 15 Jul 2003

Try turning off the power to your set-top box or cable modem (whichever you use) for 10 seconds or so, then reconnect it.

This often resolves it.

  perpetually-perplexed 23:58 15 Jul 2003

my ntl locks sometimes so i do what jazzypop does

  jazzypop 00:02 16 Jul 2003

Just to be clear, detach the power cord from the set-top box / modem - it does not work if, for example, you turn the set-top box 'off' using the remote, as this just puts it into standby mode.

You need to completely remove power to the device for about 10 seconds.

  Danoh 01:46 16 Jul 2003

.. and best to also shut down your PC, re-starting once your NTL Broadband link is established via set-top box/modem.

My link has gone down intermittently ever since I sgned up. It has since been discovered to be a loose connection at my streets cabinet ~ the plug fell out the second the engineer opened the cabinet door!! He replugged in last week so we shall see if that fixes it. If this has happened to you more than once, suggest it to the visiting NTL engineer.

  explicitlyrics100 02:37 16 Jul 2003

if you are in a adsl area get that. ive got btopenworld and i havnt been disconnected once in the last 4 months i have been using it!!!! also i regularly get 61kb/s...

  obbit 10:52 16 Jul 2003

i've had 600k (512) for ages. only once has it failed for about 3 hours. i think it's brilliant. it's unfortunate if it does go down but it will happen. it's no major problem.

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  Keithrow 11:05 16 Jul 2003

I recomend you follow the steps outlined by jazzypop.
I have had B/B for 18mnths and have had very few problems. I certainly would not want to go back to dial up.
I thought that NTL had an automated phone line to tell us of any outages. I can't imagine this goes off line at midnight, but I could be wrong.

  pj123 12:01 16 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone. I have finally convinced NTL that there is a problem, after being shunted back and forth between the faults helpdesk and the broadband helpdesk. They are sending an engineer sometime this afternoon. between 12 and 4. I did try everything that was suggested but no go. Thanks for the help. ticked.

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