ntl BB Vs ADSL 1mb?

  acemark 13:38 07 Jan 2003
  acemark 13:38 07 Jan 2003

Hi folks. I just had a flyer from NTL through my letterbox, It promises FREE activation and FREE Modem, also 1mb service at £34.99 monthly, Hmmmmmmmm that's tempting. I'm, at present, on adsl 512k with Zen (via BT) at 29.99 inc vat. Now I'm quite happy with my present set up but, 1mb connection for an extra fiver???? Anyone out there got any comments to influence my decision?? I think I'm going to have to go for NTL's offer unless any horror stories appear here. Thanks for any comments. See you.

  jazzypop 14:00 07 Jan 2003

Assuming you can get NTL, this to me is a no-brainer.

You can get a 600Kb service from NTL for 24.99, or a 1Mb service for 34.99.

Why pay Zen/BT 29.99 for 512Kb, with a higher contention ratio (50:1 vs NTL's 20:1).

The only decision then is the amount of downloading you do - if you regularly download large numbers of large files, go for the 1Mb - otherwise the 600K will be just fine.

  Andÿ 14:04 07 Jan 2003

NTL are (or were when I last looked) the biggest BB supplier in the UK and so even though they have the same number of complaints per 1000 customers as most BB ISP's (and a lot less than BT Openworld) the appear worse as they have more customers.

BT Openworld are the nation´s least favourite ISP according to Oftel´s figures, registering 1.6 complaints per 1,000 customers.
BT rivals Telewest Broadband, Freeserve and ntl:home all score 0.1, while AOL is a market model with less than 0.1 complaints per 1,000.

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  Elrond 14:47 07 Jan 2003

NTL is defo the one to go for, as jazzypop says you can pay a fiver less than you do now and have a faster connection. Plus, the 600K connection is regularly faster than 600K. I've had d/l speeds of 120K instead of the 60K it should be. All round i'm very happy with NTL. I just hope you can get it where you live

  jazzypop 15:14 07 Jan 2003

I forgot to add - last time I asked, you could upgrade from 600Kb to 1Mb if required, but could not step down from 1Mb to 600Kb - therefore, start with the 600Kb service.

If you need the extra speed, within an hour of making the phone call, you will have the faster connection - they simply 'raise the throttle' at their end.

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 16:39 07 Jan 2003

Onething to point out about the 600Kb NTL service is your u/l speed is 128Kb. With the 1mb your u/l is 2556kb same as ADSL.
Im on the 1mb NTL service and the d/l and u/l speeds are always consistent. I sometimes achieve 1.5mb d/l when I visit click here.
Have a look here as well. click here

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 17:40 07 Jan 2003

Sorry that should read u/l 256 kb.........

  acemark 22:41 07 Jan 2003

Hi again, and thank you all for your VERY interesting responses above. I'm about to sign up for NTL's 1mb service (if I can get it) so I'll let you know how it goes. I use my connection for gaming mostly, so the upload speed is quite important to me. 256mb is ok though, huh? Anyway, thanks again for your help, one and all. See you. :-)

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