NTL BB capping and their reply

  obbit 19:51 20 Feb 2003

Thank you for your letter received on the 12 February 03

The capping of the Broadband Internet Service to 1 gig has been introduced in order to stabilise at all levels, especially the low user, against people who consistently abuse the network thus causing an impact on other users in their area. The capping will ensure that we are able to provide a cosistent service to all our Broadband customers.

I hope this has reassured you regarding your concerns regarding the 1 gig capping and would advise that BT introduced their capping approximately 6 months ago.

Should you have any further enquires please feel free to contact us on 150 or 0800 952 2222 from a non-ntl line between the hours of Monday to Friday 8.00am-8.00pm and Saturdays 8.00am-6.00pm. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected] at your convenience

Yours sincerely

Customer Liason

So, not much hope of an impact with them. notice the spelling mistake.

I think it's only a matter of time before more restrictions are impossed, as they haven't reassured me at all. More customers less bandwidth, more customers slower speeds. It has already been slow tonight on NTHELL

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:26 20 Feb 2003

It has already been slow tonight on NTHELL....which would seem to indicate that capping is necessary to keep the bandwidth at reasonable levels as there is too much usage.

NTL have been victims of their own success and are running out of bahdwidth. They can rectify this by increasing capacity but this would be prohibitive as they are technically bankrupt and more importantly, they would have to increase their subscription costs significantly. As cost is more important, to the majority of users, this would mean a desertion to other ISPs which would drop NTL firther in the mire.

Naturally you have the right to express your disatisfaction and sign up with another ISP but I suspect many more will follow suit and the ones that are left will attract the 'power users' and consequently their service will be dire.


  obbit 20:37 20 Feb 2003

may be introduced for a reasonable service as more customers join. 99% of the time it's fine lightening fast. but, as time goes by, may get worse. extra payments for different levels of content etc.

other european countries are far better. hotels with broadband connections in every room. downloading and file sharing far higher.

again it would seem we get a poorer service. or am i just paranoid?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:51 20 Feb 2003

Not really paranoid but many other countries' governments subsidise their BB. As BT owns the lines and NTL, who own the cable are private companies then there is rightly little chance of funding...if only BT hadn't been sold when Maggie was flogging the family silver............

To be truthful few people will exceed the 1Gb limit and if they do one has to ask what they are downloading.


  obbit 20:56 20 Feb 2003

know what you mean. that woman again!!

  Kyomii 21:18 20 Feb 2003

According to this website, NTL have capped the service for different reasons than they say

click here

  obbit 21:41 20 Feb 2003

every week or so on the status site click here
they are carrying out UBR upgrades. so its not hard to realise they've got to many customers for the equipment to handle. the level of service may degrade futher as they load on more and more customers. don't worry about the level of service get the customers paying and more of them. errrrrrrrmmmmmm

  BrianW 22:09 20 Feb 2003

When I read the NTL response my first thought was that the next proposal will be that we have to pay a monthly hire charge for access to our BB + a usage charge based on the amount of data we transfer on it. Sound familiar? So, we, the early adopters pay for their development + infra-structure costs. Then, when the usage reaches a suitably high level they stop development and infra-structure building and start milking the existing users for every penny of profit they can make. Its called "Business Development Strategy". If they are really on the ball they will then sell off the profit making bits and start all over again - this is the "Realistaion of Assets" stage. Makes bucket loads of dosh for the CEOs and shareholders - as per usual. Watch this space and mark my words - 2 to 3 years from now we will look on the present situation with nostalgia.

  oresome 22:22 20 Feb 2003

Makes bucket loads of dosh for the CEOs and shareholders - as per usual.

Don't know about you, but my shares in ntl went from $80 to $0. The bucket was leaking.

  obbit 22:57 20 Feb 2003

i expect you feel the way some of us do when they pull off stunts like changing the T/C without us having any recourse except to right letters, emails or messages on here and other forums. it is usually bad management that cause failures. the reputation of NTL is lower than rock bottom as i expect it was in USA

  Andÿ 02:56 21 Feb 2003

NTL are deep in the messy stuff and NEED to start making money so they can invest!!!!!!!!

They do not like upsetting customers with caps and don't do it for a laugh or to stir up trouble.

Even with the cap it's not a bad deal:

128k is more than twice the speed of dialup for the same(ish)price as BT (a limit on time) and Freeserve 'anytime' dialup and frees up the phone line.

600k is faster than ADSL and £25 mth.

1mb is almost twice the speed of ADSL and £35 mth.

Wait until ADSL ISP's get up to 500,000 joining, then you'll see some real caps.

NTL will do what ever it takes to keep the majority of their customers and considering they have no money for investment in my eyes they are doing the right thing for most people.

I know you will say 'but it's not what I signed up for' but you did (fair use etc) and what do you want to do??? Make them honour 'Unlimited' (even though Unlimited means surfing not amounts of data) and let the network grind to a halt so it's no good for anybody???? It's no good saying it won't ,they would not cause all this trouble and loose badly needed customers for nothing.

If the cap is needed to maintain service levels I really don't understand what you want out of this ???????? They may very well make further changes in the future but they are in competition with a lot of other ISPs and they will only do it if they need to.

They can't afford to have customers leaving and more would leave if they do nothing........

BrianW ???????????? "Makes bucket loads of dosh for the CEOs and shareholders - as per usual" ermm I don't think so :o)

"The bondholders who now control about 70% of the two debt-laden groups want both management teams to hit tough operational targets before allowing a merger to go ahead. They are then likely to provide further funding." click here

They have yet to reach any "Realistaion of Assets" stage!!!!!

So what is it to be then tighten our belts (gigs) and stick with NTL's cable until they have hit tough operational targets and receive further funding, or let them fold and have no choice but 512k ADSL with tougher caps/restrictions if you are lucky???

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