NTL-----are they any good

  carver 19:46 22 May 2003

Had a phone call today from NTL asking if I would like to change ISP over to them from Freeserve, at the moment I have Freeserve anytime, the conversation was that I paid £15 a month for phone calls and have any time internet connection for free. Any advice from anybody who uses NTL, about their service or costs, only it sounds a good deal, or is it too good to be true?

  LEGRAND 19:58 22 May 2003

Yes NTL are ok in my book.Im on the 128K broadband no probs up to now.The main reason I went with cable is it frees my pnone line.So carver my advice is go for it.

  carver 20:07 22 May 2003

Where I live we don't have cable so this would be on BT's phone line with calls routed through NTL so avoiding BT's call charges so I still would have line rental from BT.

  spuds 23:21 22 May 2003

Be a little cautious here, with the double company involvement. I subscribe to Tiscali via BT Surftime arrangement.BT is going to change this arrangement in June.This service which I have had in the past was economical, but it now looks as though a price increase is due very shortly by both companies.This will make the arrangement for me, more expensive.

  TBH1 01:18 23 May 2003

LEGRAND has it right - - you pay £15 a month for anytime internet access - but you get £15 worth of free calls - -calls costing 3p a minute peak, 2p a minute evenings and 1p a minute weekends - - -same cost to phone, say Glasgow as phoning nest door. You still have to pay your line rental to BT though - -ntl calls routed through smart boxes.

  accord 06:27 23 May 2003

i was on NTL dial up before going over to broadband and had no trouble with them whatsoever and connection speeds averaged at 52kbps where as i now use BT for work dial up, coz i have to, and they average at 42kbps sometimes 31.5kbps.

  mole44 08:02 23 May 2003

NTl ,brilliant,i have dial up never ever any problems.what more can i say,oh i get cheap phone calls as well.nuff said

  Steinman 08:28 23 May 2003

Yes, go for it. Been dial-up ntl for quite a while & good v.f.m. Broadband friends say good as well. Tho, cant say how good NTL thru BT line is.

  TBH1 12:11 23 May 2003

'kin 'ell accord, how did you manage to get that speed - - - - I'm lucky if I manage 40 !!!!

  woody 12:21 23 May 2003

There are some NTL newsgroups - look at them.

  Steinman 13:26 23 May 2003

Have also managed speed of 52 on ntl. Anything less than 49 & I redial!

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