NTL 3x Dialup New BB Offer

  Tony 00:55 22 Jul 2004

First Let me say that most of what I am about to write is not NTL fault.

Went to a newish customer tonight as he had tried to install the currant NTL offer 2 months free bb at 3x dialup and I think £17.99 per month, his computer is an old Tiny Pentium 450 with 65 meg Ram just about min spec.

First counld not get instalation cd passed cable modem install, then on 4th try got to check conection and would go no further, call NTL Tech to be told that they had no payment details from him (he assured me that the people he talked to on the phone asked for his bank details, also yesterday 20th july they cabled up and left cd, but no user name or pin).

Tech support put us through to customer service and they where most helpful in setting up the payment details and gave user name and pin, still could nt at this point get NTL home page up and was passed back to tech support who helped to sort out why which is down to his computer memory usuage like 56% left, removed some programs as advised by tech and we have fully working 150 bb.

Ithink that mabybe the company that is running the currant NTL offer is not doing the sales job right as again I can't fault NTL Tech support or Customer services also this is the first real problem instalation with them I have had.

  accord 06:01 22 Jul 2004

At least you got it resolved over the phone.

When I went from NTL dial up to BB I had the username and pin posted to me before the engineer came round to connect me. Installation was ok but i think i had to call Tech Support once or twice to check things out.

Re your customer: hopefully they are happy with the instal and the speed of BB.

Also, whos to say that this couldnt happen with any other BB supplier?????

  Tony 22:45 22 Jul 2004

Another of my Customers had Freeserve anytime dialup and was very happy untill he singed up for there bb 256k offer that's when the trouble started.

dates approx

3rd May recived letter form them with pin and username.

10 May no modem phone tech to be told one was sent out 10 days before date, will cancell that one and sed new next working day delivery

14th May still no modem, anytime now cut off as Free/Wanadoo activate asdl line, old modem now located was delivered to flat 4 instead of 14 now returned to Wanadoo in damaged condition, rang tech no other modem sent will now send again.

1 Week later still no modem now over a month from when he singed up, also taken first payment from bank DD.

Friday 4th june phoned tech to cancell Wanadoo bb told he cannot as he has not activated the line from his end, I quote " How can I you have not sent me a cable modem " yes we have it was delivered in June. Customer has by now lost it totaly calls bank to stop dd will not do so as setup by Wanadoo only they can cancell it, so he closes bank account which stopes dd and sings up with NTL 10 days later up and running with bb.

Friday July 2 phone s me to say that he has a letter from wanadoo wanting £100 + to cancell as he has broken the contract, at this point it's is put in the hands of CAB and is now beeing delt with by them as they have quite a few other one like this around here, Oh and by the way also recived a letter from Parcel Force saying that they have a parcel from Wanadoo for about a month awating collection.

  Tim1964 00:13 23 Jul 2004

If wanadoo are so sure they delivered the modem, how about getting them to provide a copy of the signature they got when they handed over the modem.

That should shut them up!

  Tony 07:51 23 Jul 2004

Yes this would in theory but they have one in my customers name by the flat below but go figure this they signed in his name then sat on the parcel for about 1 week not telling my customer they had a parcel for him then opened and sent it back to Wanadoo in a damaged condition. That's what caused the first problem I think that Wanadoo thought that someting fishy was going on.

The problem just snowballed form there and the fact that they say that you cant cancel without activating the line at your end first, never heared of this befor as NTL BT etc will let you cancel at this point. The mistake that the customer took was down to the person on the line from the bank who said "don't quote me on this but I cant cancel the dd and I am not sopposed to tell you this but if you cancel the account that will stop the dd" so he did.

Also who sent the other modem and why did Parcel force sit on it for a month, they did not try to deliver it as far as we know as my customer is disabled and awayting an op so is home most of the time, also not slip through the door to say that delivery has been tried. just a letter saying that they have it in there collection point and that its been there a month.

I dont think that it is any one person's error but just a follow through of errors started by the flat below that just went from bad to worse.

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