Ntl £30 Package

  LimestoneRock 17:34 07 Jul 2006

I use Ntl purely for broadband at present, the full package from Sky and BT for telephone. I am thinking about taking up the offer from Ntl that has been around for a little while now although I appreciate I will have to pay for extras to get my TV coverage up to what I am currently receiving from Sky. I have two questions, if I may:

1)I have TV points in all rooms of my house and through the aerial set-up, every channel including Sky & VCR can be viewed in any room. Would this still be possible with Cable TV?

2)As regards telephone, does Ntl have caller display facilities etc?

  Stuartli 23:43 07 Jul 2006

I would presume that its website offers all the answers:

click here

  Tim1964 00:13 08 Jul 2006

1) Yes, the NTL box is a direct replacement for the Sky one.

2) Yes.

  SG Atlantis® 08:14 08 Jul 2006

the tv pack in this deal is not not the same as "the full package from Sky" it's the most basic one. With the channels that are freeview anyway but with sky one, e4, uk tv gold etc, nothing fancy.

  LimestoneRock 10:10 08 Jul 2006

Many thanks.

  SG Atlantis® 10:12 08 Jul 2006

like for like ntl tv is dearer than sky.

  LimestoneRock 11:15 08 Jul 2006

If I pay for the extra Sky channels covering sport & films(like for like) I believe the £30 increases to around £56pm. I am paying£43 to Sky at present plus £18 to Ntl plus telephone of say £12 line rental, so there is a very favourable comparison - £56 against £73 - provided everything else is equal.

  SG Atlantis® 11:32 08 Jul 2006

when I was with ntl I was paying internet, phone and tv with music and kids channels. My rental charges where £75 something combined per month.

I am now on tiscali, bt and sky costing me £51.99 and I have more channels in the same pack as Sky carries more channels than ntl. I'm saving £25 something since I switched back to separate providers.

  LimestoneRock 12:50 08 Jul 2006

Interesting, thanks. I'll have to re-check my figures.

  LimestoneRock 17:36 04 Aug 2006

Still deliberating! The whole thought process is now thrown up in the air with the Sky Broadband offer. If I add telephone to my Ntl broadband deal, will my Sky package still function (although I do not use the interactive) or does it need a BT line?

  PUNKA 19:13 04 Aug 2006

Why don't you play one off against the other only you can bnefit in the long run.

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