NTL 2MB Broadband good value?

  VNAM75 11:25 26 Jan 2006

Ive been on ntl's 2MB broadband for about 2-3 years. On the whole it has been reliable - the engineer has had to replaced the modem once and there has been a few times where I've had to switch the modem on and off again when the internet disconnects, but this hasnt happened for a while.

I'm paying £24.99 per month which seems quite expensive compared to some of the deals that have been recommended by some members here. However, I dont want to switch to a unreliable service just for the sake of saving a bit of money. A lot of the providers ask that you have to have a BT line and this is where I am uncertain. I used to have a phone through BT but asked them to cut off the service because it was no longer needed. So, I think I still have a BT line but its not active. Am I right? Would I need BT to re-activate the line if I wanted to switch Broadband provider. What are the best deals at the moment for £25?

  VNAM75 11:33 26 Jan 2006

I checked my postcode with the BT website and it says I can only get up 1MB service due to the "length of the line". Is this due to how far I am away from the "exchange?". Since ntl use cable, this shouldnt apply, should it?

  rmcqua 12:20 26 Jan 2006

Yes, this is due to how far you are from the BT exchange.
You're correct, this would not be a problem with cable

  JYPX 12:57 26 Jan 2006

As you say, the availability and and speed of a BT, or BT based, service have nothing to do with the cable service that NTL are offering.
Whenever we discuss ISP's on the PCA forums it usually turns into a beauty contest between BT, Tiscali, and the rest, whereas the key debate (I think) should be about the choice between Cable and a service based on the BT network. If you take the NTL press releases at face value you would probably come to the conclusion that the non-cable services are going to struggle to compete. NTL will be switching you to 10meg during the next few months and they say that the cost will be the same - in fact the tariff will be based on the download cap.They also say that 10meg is no more than a stopgap measure to give them time to develop their network with a view to offering a 50meg service. Some will argue that there is no need for all of this , and that a 1meg service for perhaps £10/month is the way to go. However, once you have full screen Movies/tv on demand via your cable modem, that will be the point at which "Broadband" changes forever, and I don't think there will be any going back.

  VNAM75 13:19 26 Jan 2006

If ntl are upgrading 2MB services to 10MB for free (like they did with 750K to 2MB)then I'd be more than happy to stay with them. Are they rolling out the 10 MB service now, so I can call them to upgrade? Which is what I did when I phoned them up to get my current 2MB service instead of waiting for them to carry out the work.

You're right, it is very exciting to think when 50MB television services via cable modem becomes available.

  medicine hat 13:44 26 Jan 2006

The 10MB service is comparatively new so I doubt they will migrate anyone on the 2MB service for about a year yet. However you can upgrade yourself click here

  JYPX 14:21 26 Jan 2006

VNAM75 - As far as I know you will need to wait for NTL to upgrade your £24.99 package to 10meg.

medicine hat is quite correct to say that you can ask to upgrade (now), but you would be upgrading to the £37(ish) package which has a much larger "cap". I am tempted to do this myself rather than wait. Or, you could phone them and ask them to do a deal for a loyal customer!......

  SG Atlantis® 14:41 26 Jan 2006

to get 10meg on ntl I had to go from £24.99 package to the £37.99 one. They won't start moving the 2meg customers until all orginal 3meg customers are upgraded to 10meg.

What they plan is eventually all customers on the same speed of service and the only differentiation will be price for download caps.

£37.99 - 10 meg comes with a 75gig cap.

  VNAM75 16:45 26 Jan 2006

Thanks. My intention was to do the "free" upgrade from 2MB to 10MB at £24.99, like I did when I moved from 750K to 2MB. Instead of waiting for NTL to upgrade each customer, I phoned them up and the upgrade was done instantly for free. I'm not really prepared to pay more than £25 for broadband, not even for 10MB because I dont think I really need it - but if it's free....

I'll wait, like SG Atlantis® says, until the 3MB customers are upgraded.

  ade.h 17:33 26 Jan 2006

75 Gbytes??!! Hardly worth capping. That would cover me for almost a year, I think.

  pj123 17:40 26 Jan 2006

I'm on NTL 2mb BB which has a 30gb per month cap and I have never come anywhere near that limit.

So, as far as I am concerned, Yes NTL BB is good value.

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