denis93c 03:04 09 Jul 2004

i have ntl broadband 150kb and telephone and all sky movie channels (1-9),and base pack. my monthly bill is £90. how can i reduce this and keep the similar pacage? my monthly phone bill is around £7.50

  Wak 11:20 09 Jul 2004

Hi Denis, I have 150K ntl broadband and telephone like you but only the family pack and two other packs for about £50 per month all-in.
I would suggest that you cut down on the movie channels. Surely you don't need that many??
(Unless it's to keep the Mrs. quiet)
With all that I'm surprised you can find the time to get on the computer!

  pj123 16:03 09 Jul 2004

I have NTL Broadband at 600kbps via my set top box. My average monthly bill is around £45 including BB, Basic TV channels and phone calls.

I don't think you will be able to keep a similar package for less.

I have a multi-satellite dish with 18 satellites to choose from giving me 324 channels (all free) I do not have any Sky subscriptions and there is no card in my satellite receiver. I also have a "Freeview" digibox, (no subscription), yet I still find that there is not very much on TV worth watching anymore. The only way out I can see is to dump all the packages you have and stick to the basic package, and buy a "freeview" box (for a one-off charge). In your case I think the Sky Movie Channels is the killer. You can always hire movies from your local library or video rental shop.

  bumpkin 18:16 09 Jun 2015

More and more old posts seem to be re-incarnated for some reason. Another blip than needs sorting.

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