tobykim 22:29 30 Mar 2004

My cousin is on NTL broadband I think it's the 128 version, everytime she checks her e-mail she has about 600 messages, it's not a virus as she has plenty of protection it is just spam, she doesn't buy anything on the web, and doesn't put her e-mail address on anything on the web how do you think people are getting hold of her address

  TBH1 23:46 30 Mar 2004

I am on ntl dial-up - - -and receive maybe 150 a day to primery email address - -yet just genuine stuff to me secondery. I just leave it on the server for a few days and delete from there every so often

  Daz35 01:17 31 Mar 2004

To get rid of unwanted spam click here click here

  TBH1 09:28 31 Mar 2004

I know there is stuff out there to get rif of it - - but why does it just come to my ntl account; I have several others - tiscali, btopenworld - - and get none there.

  medicine hat 11:11 31 Mar 2004

A 'friend' probably put the email address in every spammers box they could find

  erkmatrix 13:13 31 Mar 2004

Yeah only takes once to get in the spamming system and then its included in another mailing list and is passed round. I now have a email address for just close friends and companies I really trust and one that I use for other sign up and whatever, and if it gets in a spammers mailing list I just get rid of it and make up another address.


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