NSYSonline, any experiences?

  hba4345 14:42 13 Jan 2006

I am researching possible places to part with my hard earned for a new gaming oriented desktop PC. I can't find out much at all in the way of customer satisfaction reviews about this company
click here
but what little I have found seems to be good.
Has anyone had any dealings with them, any experiences, good or bad, would be appreciated


  AndyC121 19:08 15 Jan 2006

I looked into buying one of their systems and though I am still procrastinating on which company to use NSYSonline where prompt in replies, helpful, attentive and friendly.

You might think all companies would be like this, but many did not even reply to my questions (Scan and PC Specialist) and another (Panrix) replied two weeks later with a standard response not answering anything I'd asked.

  BioBob 09:26 16 Jan 2006

I asked around at work today and although i hadnt heard of NSYSonline, a person here has a machine from them. They said "Good pre-sales support. Warranty and post sales support never tested since the machines has never caused a problem".

I only want a cheap pc but something thats reliable. I have done a lot of digging and found only favourable feedback which is amazing for any company thats been going 10 years!

I have ordered one and will tell you what arrives in approx 5 days time - and try a couple of post sale support queries!

  hba4345 13:32 16 Jan 2006

BioBob, AndyC121, thanks for the replies. I was pretty amazed myself that my (admittedly limited) research (due to 28 kb modem and being at work!) led to zero hits for complaints. I was also surprised to see how long they had been going.
I noticed they do an awful lot of sponsorship of websites because a lot of hits from my searches were latching onto the site sponser name, what this implies I don't really know. It's nothing like the saturation campaigns of struggling companies (like Tiny).
I think I'll get in touch with them and see what happens, right now they look pretty good, reasonably priced too.
If you could let me know how your purchase goes BioBob I'd appreciate it.

  BioBob 12:04 17 Jan 2006

No problem. They have responded in record time to my queries... not counting my chickens yet though!

  BioBob 14:41 20 Jan 2006

Well, as promised this is how it turned out.

I ordered an Athlon64 PCI Express Base Unit (already had a monitor and a Retail Version of Windows XP that needed a home! so i didnt need these or usual peripherals, just the box).

Pre Sales - queries were answered well and excellent guidance provided; very quick and excellent help; it has to be said that I have never come across a sales team that is so knowledgeable even about Windows XP!

Ordering - Website worked well and choosing the parts I wanted was simplicity itself. I received a confirmation of the order by return. It included a full breakdown of what I ordered and Post Sales support number. To see what i ordered
click here. Just to bore you I upgraded to the 3800 Dual Core in view of the multiple programs I run. 1Gb of RAM, a DVD Rom, DVDRW as a second drive for backup and 6600LE graphics card and floppy. Standard black case and Power Supply Unit.

Despatch - received notification as soon as the courer collected it and was able to track it online using the provided link and consignment number.

Arrival and Unpacking - arrived in mint condition. I took the side off and all cabling was neat and in order; it was apparent that good quality products had been used. Very good upgrade potential. All driver discs were provided.

Installation - went like a dream; first the Windows Disc, then the SATA driver floppy, then motherboard and graphics card. All worked seemlessly.

Post Sales support - This was unfair on them but 3 unofficial tests using the 3 support options that I can see; Sales Line, Web Support Form, and Telephone Support.

Sales Line - Answered straight away the fist time and call returned within 10 mins the second time. Mentioned that hard drive wasnt recognised and no image on monitor. Surprisingly both issues were immediately diagnosed and resolved! I had expected them to palm me off to an engineer but they didnt.

WebSite Support Submission Form - Clever idea and initially sceptical, but an engineer called back within 2 hours and resolved my problem.

Telephone Support - It used an answerphone, good in that it means no queue to wait in or expensive phone bills, but it would have been nice to speak to someone instantly - but all was fine, the call came back to me within 22 minutes. All support issues easily resolved (had there actually been any).

Summary - Machine is lightning quick & its much quieter than I would have thought possible; saying that, only had it for 4 hours! Needless to say if I get any problems, I will let you know.

So if you want a Custom PC or Budget System click here! Turned out to be a right little gem - thanks hba. Hope that post helps you in return.

  hba4345 15:15 06 Feb 2006

Thanks BioBob, sounds like you got a good deal there. In the end I have decided to go with a local PC shop build, you know the type of place, computer innards strewn haphazardly about a gloomy office, but the machine build quality looks outstanding, and the guy who runs it is very helpful/knowledgable. What finally tipped it was the fact that I am away from home quite a bit and my wife uses the computer to keep in touch, I just couldn't risk anything going wrong and having to wait weeks for it to be fixed. It's a little more pricey but in the end, here comes the boring bit, an Athlon 64 X2 4400 on a Asus A8n SLi deluxe board, 1 gig of high spec DDR 4200 ram, 19" Viewsonic VX924 3 ms monitor, GeF 7800 GT graphics and a raptor 10000 rpm 140 gb drive are being put together as I type. Two more days of biting fingernails and then I'll have it!
Thanks again for the help.

  Stuartli 15:47 06 Feb 2006

I haven't heard of this company previously, but its website seems very straightforward with some common sense views being expressed, especially for the uninitiated.

For instance:

"When it comes to the Home PC market, one is spoilt for choice.

Home PC Choice

A PC is a PC, whether it says Gaming PC, Home PC, Business PC, Mini PC etc. We simply categorise them to assist you in the selection process."


"Each machine we sell can be customised and we do not force you to buy a new Operating System if you don't need it."

(Presumably the Queen uses the company, as one would do if spoilt for choice)...:-)

  Jon T 10:04 16 Feb 2006

I just ordered a fairly basic Sempron based pc from nsys with requests for a number of the bits to be upgraded from the standard model on offer. Was amazed at how quickly it arrived - fantastic! Ordered late on a Sunday night and delivered a week later on the Monday morning - and this was with a slight delay as the courier confirmed the security of my alternative delivery address at work. From my own experience last week with this company then I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

  grumpygramp 18:43 17 Feb 2006

Botheration I had more or less decided on a Desktop from Novatech . Now reading here and seeing Nsysonline prices and specifications I don`t know who to go for .

  Gerifraf 17:52 20 Jun 2007

This is my first posting on a forum ever, so hope its okay; i just had to do something though because i am so pleased with you guys, especially hba & Bio. I nearly ordered from a different company until I read your review.

I didnt have a clue what to get, but my e-mails to NSYS were answered promptly and they tailored a machine that fitted my budget - they also took into account that i only use the word processor but my son uses it for the odd gaming thing and gave me lots of other advice.

I ended up with a machine that wasnt even listed on the website; beautiful case and wonderful performance.

I have had it 6 weeks now - i would have posted this sooner, but i couldnt find the page to save my life! Anyway, it still works well. Thanks again.

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