NSYS - would definitely recommend!

  Eazy T 09:24 10 Aug 2007

Hi all

When I was looking to buy a new PC I came to this forum and searched around and was offered some really helpful advice by people here on various companies. In that light I'd like to take the time to recommend the company I opted for, as it seems that smaller companies like these live or die by word of mouth in places like this, and their good customer care and quality service deserve a pat on the back.

I opted for NSYS from the companies recommended, and they didn't disappoint. There were other great companies I investigated who were also very helpful (step forward Cougar Extreme, seemed a good company too) but NSYS pegged exactly what I was after. I spoke to Simon several times by phone and by email before ordering and he was very helpful and extremely patient with my barrage of questions!

The PC arrived a couple of weeks ago and works wonderfully. I've still to put it to work doing basic video editing, but that's cos I've been working longer hours than normal and been enjoying playing games on it too much when I have had free time!

So I just wanted to recommend these guys and Simon if you are looking to buy a new PC - I didn't think they would disappoint from the other recommendations on here, or when I actually got down to discussing the build with them - and they didn't. Great company.

Cheers, Ewan

  robbiepaul79 09:28 10 Aug 2007

click here

Is that this company to which you speak of, the website and selection of hardware is very basic i thought.

  Probabilitydrive 09:36 10 Aug 2007

Very polished letter from Ewan, father confusing NSYS website-something doesn't quite gel...?

  Probabilitydrive 09:37 10 Aug 2007


  Eazy T 15:43 10 Aug 2007

Probabilitydrive - what exactly doesn't quite gel?

Robbiepaul79 - & for those looking at the website - I'd recommend emailing them or calling them - you can tailor your needs accordingly as not everything they do is on their website, and they will give you an individual spec based on your needs?

  [email protected] 21:01 10 Aug 2007

i clicked on the link provided by robbiepaul79
and it shut down firefox,anyone else get that response?

  [email protected] 21:16 10 Aug 2007

same response in ie7

  Stuartli 00:01 11 Aug 2007

The link opened immediately for me earlier this evening in Firefox.

I wouldn't say it was a basic website, merely straightforward and without unnecessary frills.

  Stuartli 00:01 11 Aug 2007

Could be being updated.

  iambeavis 12:34 11 Aug 2007

Whatever anyone may think of the website, the service you receive is excellent and I would recommend anyone who wants a PC built for their own requirements, or to their own specs, to phone 'NSYS' and speak to Simon Edgar. As Eazy T says, Simon is "very helpful and extremely patient", and no question is too trivial for his consideration. I was kept informed of the build progress, all the way through, and the computer was delivered on time, securely packaged (I think it could, probably, have survived a drop from a second storey window).

There is, also, the fact that their aftercare is aftercare and not an afterthought, and any queries you may have, post delivery, are answered promptly, either by e-mail or phone.

All in all, I found dealing with 'NSYS' to be a pleasure and wouldn't hesitate to give them my custom again.

  Kate B 18:27 11 Aug 2007

The froze Firefox for me and then the tab closed. I don't think I'll be buying a PC from a company that can't manage to build a website that works.

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