npower refund

  timsmith259 01:43 27 Oct 2010

I was watching the tv sometime back and npower were on some program saying that they would repay many customers who were over charged with their gas bills. It relates to the year of 2007 the way the priced their bills in May and November.

Has anyone had anything through the post yet. I have switch supplier well over a 14 months ago.

  timsmith259 01:44 27 Oct 2010

woopsie im not sure if i should of posted in the Consumer-watch forum

  siouxah1 09:37 27 Oct 2010

Yes timsmith. I received a letter from them some days ago. If I present this letter to the Post Office with proof of identity I will receive my refund of about £30.

  ronalddonald 19:27 27 Oct 2010

Yeah i got one of those letters but i dont agree to the amount they are paying me, its a complete insult, since npower have overhcarged many customers.

I have paid them thousans and there not even giving back 10% of what i have been overcharged with, an insult.

  timsmith259 17:37 28 Oct 2010

I agree with you Ron npower are very good at overcharging and not coming clean with the consumers.

  finerty 17:43 28 Oct 2010

my daughter told me she believes she has been heavily overcharged enough to make your eyes water

  Forum Editor 18:10 28 Oct 2010

I'll move it over now.

  961 19:38 28 Oct 2010

npower service is poor, not only because of their prices but also because of the actual physical service to the customers in their home area

Power cuts, outages, old lines, poles

Lack of investment

  BRYNIT 11:08 04 Nov 2010

Well, I have just received a letter from Npower reference the refund for the overcharge in 2007.

Personally I do not use that much gas/electricity so wasn't really expecting a refund. What does surprise me is the way it was sent.

As siouxah1 has stated it letter telling you about the refund and how to claim the money back from the Post Office.

I know it best to read everything before you recycle but it just looked like the usual junk mail with all the leaflets and a what looked like a standard letter indicating the usual offers.

I wonder how many people have thrown there letter away not realising.

I know this was sent by Npower with someones bright idea but I wonder how many other suppliers who have overcharged are doing the same hoping that a good percentage may not read the letter and not claim a refund.

  g0slp 11:49 04 Nov 2010

I got my offer letter a couple of weeks ago - phoned them up on the 0800 number given, & the refund letter arrived yesterday. Down to the local PO & exchanged it for cash. Job done. OK, only £21, but better in my pocket than nPower's :)

  finerty 12:13 05 Nov 2010

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