ronalddonald 17:37 09 Jul 2010

I hop my caps speak out how i feel after paying out thousands to them for gas and electric and at time have gone overdrawn in my bank account because of the extortionate prices.

Sorry i told them i was going to place this on the forum following a telephone call, he asked the questions yet couldn't understand their prices are way to high.

  onthelimit 17:52 09 Jul 2010

Prices from the major suppliers are competitive. Some may consider them 'extortionate', but what are you comparing with? What has triggered this latest outburst as you could have changed providers if you so wished. Not sure what difference you would find though. And, I'm still not sure of the reason for your post!

  MAT ALAN 18:10 09 Jul 2010

We use NPower for our gas and electric and considering their prices are competative and the fact that we get £100 cashback for dual fuel, I have no idea why you think their prices are extortionate...

  tullie 19:16 09 Jul 2010

As allready stated,they are all competative,if you dont like them then change supplier.Surely you get notification of your bill before the payment date my mail or email.Have you got an online account,worth having so that you can pay online and compare bills.

  Forum Editor 22:47 09 Jul 2010

for posting rants like this. If you don't like the prices you're paying for your energy supplies, shop around and see if you can switch to some cheaper.

Saying that a company is "the biggest ripoff" because you are overdrawn at the bank is quite ludicrous, and I'm afraid I'm not allowing this pointless thread to remain open any longer.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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