"Now Wireless broadband"

  anchor 08:48 10 Mar 2007

A friend is interested in signing up to "Now Wireless broadband", and has asked my opinion.

They state that with their service you do not need a phone line. I am not familiar with them, and would like to know if any members have experience of this company.

click here

  Fellsider 11:26 10 Mar 2007

I've just had a look at this and decided to see if I could get it.

Entered my postcode and it tells me that I can't


Then suggests that I enter a different postcode!!!

the reason being........??

  anchor 11:39 10 Mar 2007

Fellsider: I have no idea!.

My friend lives in London, W5, and he has confirmed with the company that his post code IS covered; (despite the site stating that it not)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:54 10 Mar 2007

Now BB only cover the Thames valley but they are hoping to extend to the rest of the Empire (aka North of the Watford Gap). The speeds are not exactly the fastest BB and I don't think it will be of use to anyone interested in online gaming.


  Jackcoms 12:18 10 Mar 2007

"aka North of the Watford Gap"

And what about that large expanse of the country between the Thames Valley and Watford Gap?

Check your geography - Watford (in Hertfordshire) and Watford Gap (in Northamptonshire) are nowhere near each other.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:58 10 Mar 2007

It was a light-heated quip which you might have understood if you listened to Bob Williamson in the seventies, not incisive and accurate geographical data but thanks for pointing that out as the location of the Watford gap was something that had been keeping me awake for twenty years. Funny day on the forum today.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:05 10 Mar 2007

ps..just to help you along with the understanding of the phrse 'North of the Watford Gap'......click here and for some economics to show you that I was refering to the urban myth of the poor North and rich South....click here
It's hard when everything needs to be explained. :-(


  Jackcoms 14:28 10 Mar 2007

"It's hard when everything needs to be explained"

Indeed it is.

click here Which is why you'll find the the correct phrase you're referring to is "north of Watford" (scroll down and look under "Popular use").

  anchor 14:56 10 Mar 2007

Sorry to spoil your geographical exchanges gentlemen, but does anyone know anything about "Now Wireless broadband"?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:59 10 Mar 2007

Not wishing to bore everyone but the phrase that I was using was correct in the use of the phrase and urban myth 'North of the Watford gap'. It was never meant to be geographically accurate. I never thought I would be having to justify semantics but this had made me smile to myself, ho hum.


  anchor 14:41 11 Mar 2007

Bump; with the hope that someone knows something about this service.

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