Now this is what I call an overcharge.

  Sapins 09:22 18 Apr 2008

Went shopping in local hypermarket yesterday where they had a display of Italian products and my wife spotted a pack of 3 tins of tomatoes which she had been looking for, for a while. We went through the checkout and as usual she checked the till receipt and said "why is it so much"? We then saw an item for €151 (£125)which turned out to be a faulty bar code on the tomatoes, they gave us a refund on the credit card and gave us the tomatoes for free!

I will never again show impatience when my wife checks a till receipt before we move away from the tills.

  Arnie 10:22 18 Apr 2008

My wife and I have found mistakes on our receipts at our local Asda store on a number of occasions.

Of course a refund is always given, but how many people bother to check?

  oresome 10:53 18 Apr 2008

I always allow an hour for shopping and another half whilst my wife calls at customer service to get the bill corrected.

Usually because offers are still advertised on the shelf edge, but have been removed on the computer. Never been charged quite so much for a tin of tomtoes though!

  jack 12:00 18 Apr 2008

Such is the turn over of stock, damaged or incorrect Barcodes- Especially reduced items where the reduced label has not been placed over the original bar code- and multibuys that have been broken and put back on the shelf as a single -check, check and check again- in the store and again in the car park before we drive off.

  Esc4p3 12:36 18 Apr 2008

Checking the receipt at our local supermarkets (any of them) is really now just part of the shopping process (as oresome says). I would say virtually every week there is some kind of an error. If we calculated the amount we have saved it would be into the hundreds. On occasion we have even pointed out where they are are doing themselves out of money (charging less than the advertised price) - maybe thats too honest.

  anchor 13:36 18 Apr 2008

I invariably watch the price of the items as they are scanned. I have never comes across such a discrepancy as you quote, but errors do occur, almost always in the stores favour.

Another common one is that the "old" price is charged, when there is a lower special offer of the week.

  BT 16:48 18 Apr 2008

Similar sort of thing happened to me in Sainsburys once. An 85p pack of sultanas came up as £85. It caused considerable confusion with the checkout people and I ended up getting it for free.

  rawprawn 17:31 18 Apr 2008

My wife always checks the supermarket bill to the last penny, since I retired from business I have had no inclination to bother about accounts any more.
Balance sheets became the Be all & End all of business.
I was in a trade in which a hand shake was enough, which deteriorated into todays lack of morality or loyalty. I am glad that I no longer need to check, but secretly pleased that she does.
The thing that annoys me most is that when we are driving away from the supermarket, she is already examining the bill, and always says "Do you know how much we have spent"
The answer is always No

  lisa02 19:19 18 Apr 2008

"Never been charged quite so much for a tin of tomtoes though"

Poor Tom! How's he gettin about with his Toes in a tin?

  sunny staines 01:50 19 Apr 2008

if you use tesco always check your bill if you buy fresh fruit veg they have errors every week nearly especially apples and special offers.

errors are always in favour of tesco though.

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