Now THIS is a damn good telephone deal!!

  AngeTheHippy 10:25 04 Sep 2004

Hi chaps,
Heard of I strongly advise those of you that have astronomical phone bills to take a look at the site. Inland calls, L/Line to L/Line were, until about 4 days ago, charged at 1/2p per minute, plus 1p connection. For the past 4 days, just before the call starts ringing, a voice message tells me 'This call is free'.... Well, I kept looking at the online running tally invoice, and sure enough, calls were being charged the 1p only for connection. This morning, they've posted the message on the start page that from now on all inland calls free!!!!!!

Mobile charges are far lower too.

Do yaselves a favour! Take a look at the site!!

xx xx xx

(more xxx's, I'm sooo happy!!)

  barnacarry 10:56 04 Sep 2004

Just had a look at the site and it seems TOO good to be true. Free calls within the UK means that the telephone bill will consist of the line rental charge only (plus from the 1p connection charge for each call). Where's the profit?. My concern is that you will have no control over the deduction from your credit card if mistakes are made and as they have no customer services dept, contact could be made difficult. Am I being paranoiac or are they out to get us.

  Magik ®© 11:37 04 Sep 2004

is it the "no such thing as a free lunch" i can not see how BT can lease out the lines to them so cheap....if it was this simple, everyone in this country would be at it....

  AngeTheHippy 15:01 04 Sep 2004

Hi barnacarry, u don't rent the line from them, u use your BT/NTL/Telewest whatever line, with the normal monthly rental from them, but bypass the phone companies system by pre-dialling the access number. Already had one bill from them, via e-mail, and all seemed in order. They're located in Switzerland and DO have a contact number.

Hi magic, know what you're saying here - they don't just rent from BT apparently - Oh, another thought I've had - that it IS BT under another name.... they have fingers in many pies do BT, not just in UK either!!


  ordep 16:24 04 Sep 2004

About half way down click here, You'll see its one of MSE best deals.

  dotterel 20:21 09 Sep 2004

To my postings

  Gaz 25 21:32 09 Sep 2004


Can I access the internet via 18866?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. Internet providers offer dial up services using special access numbers which cannot be dialled using 18866.

Can I use 18866 for calls to 08 or 09 numbers?
0845 and 0870 numbers will work, but most other numbers starting with 08 or 09 cannot be dialled using 18866.

  AngeTheHippy 09:57 11 Sep 2004

I know it p****s you off, my great gripe at the minute is 0845 and 0870 numbers. Most services (shops, call centres, warehouses etc.)have these numbers nowadays - did you know, they rent/buy the numbers from BT and set the call charges themselves? I think this is a damn big CON! Especially when for example, you wanna phone up and find the availablity of something - are holding on for 10 minutes cos 'our agents are currently busy, we value your call, etc.etc' then be told it's outta stock!!! Now THAT annoys me no end. Some ya win, some u don't. For bog standard phone calls, to ya mates, family etc., then I think 18866 is a really good alternative to say, BT. They've just changed their pricing from 1/2p p/min to 0 YES 0 p per/min - just the 1p connection charge. Now this is amazing. I don't know how long it will last before they go bust, just hope they don't.


Thanks for the tip, will be looking into this.

As for the 0845 / 0870 numbers, you may find this of interest by Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, click here,

There's a lot of good stuff on his site.

  anchor 10:05 13 Sep 2004

I found the link to 18866 from this forum about 3 weeks ago, and signed up.

It is possible that the free calls to UK numbers may be a loss leader for a limited time. However, let`s make hay whilst the sun shines. Their international calls are at very good rates also.

Another low cost service is provided by Telediscount. You don`t need to sign up for this service.

With charges on both services seemingly being very fluid, check before making a call.

click here

CoB; your link gave me this message:

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