Novice- what does DVDRW Dual layer mean

  jeni2 14:28 27 Feb 2005

I am looking for a lap top to replace my pc. What does DVDRW dual layer mean?

And is 50gb/256mb/3000mhz ok for normal home office use, to include digital photography?

Anywhere else I can go for basic advice you would recommend?


  €dstowe 14:43 27 Feb 2005

The dual layer means that it will write 9.4GB if data to special dual layer discs instead of the more usual 4.7GB.

9.4GB is a huge amount of data and it is unlikely that you will fill one of these if you are a novice.

Important things to note in a DVD writer are the writing speed - 16x is becoming the norm now - and the type of disc it will write to (+ and -) the minus type is the more popular but there is no clear winner as to which take over DVD writing as yet. Most modern writers will cope with both.

Two sites you could look at are click here and click here

  €dstowe 14:46 27 Feb 2005

Sorry, posted too soon.

If you are doing video work, I strongly recommend that you get another (external) hard drive. 50GB is nowhere near big enough for video. Also more RAM.

More RAM will be advisable anyway.

  TomJerry 14:15 28 Feb 2005

dual lapyer DVD takes 8.5GB not 2x4.7GB

dual layer is a bouns not necessarity (for now) because dual layer DVDs are too expensive (£5+ each disk), single layer good quaility DVD balnks cost less than 40p if you buy by bulk

HDDs are in capacity of 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 160 Gb etc, there is no 50GB HDD anywhere in the world

if you really into video editing, you need to get a faster HDD, ask laptop maker to fit a "Hitachi Travelstar E7K60 60GB" for you, this is only laptop HDD which run as faster as desktop HDD (7200rpm). If they cannot/would not do it, you can replace HDD yourself (cost £100), moreover, it is better to get 512MB ram as well

  jeni2 17:23 28 Feb 2005

as I have just ordered a laptop from PC World where it says it has 50gb??

click here

  Stuartli 17:59 28 Feb 2005

>>Seagate has announced its latest Cheetah and Barracuda hard drives, which offer data capacities of up to 50GB and data transfer rates of up to 28MBps>>

They were announced in November 1998...:-)

Check facts, then post...

  TomJerry 13:14 01 Mar 2005

I checked this morning when I past a PCWorld store, HDD is listed as 40GB on store specification, I checked in windows, it is 42.5GB.

It is very nice laptop, jeni2, you can order it and print out web page and demand for a 50Gb HDD when you get it. You may get something out from PCworld for their mistake.

Stuartli, thanks for pointing out 50Gb HDD was available in 1998. However, I cannnot find any 50GB HDD in any store (on-line or off-line)

  Stuartli 13:17 01 Mar 2005

Blank DVD dual layer disks are from £2.99 including VAT from click here

No doubt other forum members can name outlets that charge even less.

  Stuartli 13:23 01 Mar 2005

>>..cannot find any 50GB HDD in any store (on-line or off-line)>>

The world has progressed since 1998...:-)

However, you quite clearly stated: "...there is no 50GB HDD anywhere in the world", hence my small correction to your small correction...:-)

  TomJerry 13:43 01 Mar 2005

those dual layer for £2.99 look nice

  €dstowe 15:20 01 Mar 2005

"those dual layer for £2.99 look nice"

Remember that you can get single layer 4.7GB ones for 20 pence or less and the three quid doesn't look quite so attractive. The cost and the good chance of it going wrong are good enough reasons to avoid imo.

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