Novaterch do it again...............

  jack 08:41 13 Mar 2008

Over the past weekend the DVD burner died. I struggles on with a job by dangling a scrap spare out side the case.
But a new one is the the obvious requirement,
Yesterday 12th morning I looked up Novatech to see what was on offer.
Made my choice.
This morning I checked the dispatch detail
This is what came up from Parcel-Force

13-03-2008 03:41 Charlton Depot Out for delivery
13-03-2008 03:39 Charlton Depot Arrived at delivery depot
12-03-2008 23:46 National Hub Sorted in hub
12-03-2008 14:51 Solent Depot On route to hub
12-03-2008 14:30 Solent Depot Collected from customer

So now I am waiting with baited breath already.

  rickf 10:43 13 Mar 2008

Don't understand the point of this posting. Seems you don't have a problem as yet and your title seems to suggest that Novatech is problematic!!!!

  jack 10:50 13 Mar 2008

It is meant as a song of praise- geddit!
PDQ service and all that.

  spuds 10:53 13 Mar 2008

Am I misunderstanding this tracking information, but I always thought that it was collection from retailer/en-route/delivered to customer.

Once tracked a Special Royal Mail delivery, and four days later, they still didn't know where the item was (awaiting information!). PostWatch soon located it ;o)

  jack 11:40 13 Mar 2008

As it has yet to arrive, bur reading bottom up from the list with one additional line.
1. ordered on line from me
2. 14.30 collected
3. 14.51 on route to hub
4. 23.46 sorted in hub
5. 03.39 In local depot
6. 03.41 loaded ready to go.
Mind you I do take the times with a pinch of salt or Parcel Force cant be doing much- Can you imagine a 40 tone trunker unloaded sorted and loaded to local vehicles in such a short time?

Still waiting though as I write.
Interesting though
Will post the delivery time.

  jack 13:26 13 Mar 2008

Times at 13.24
Pretty good for 'Normal' delivery huh!

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