Novatech warning

  griffo 16:53 05 Mar 2009

Novatech have been recommended many times on PC Advisor Forums and in many ways are good to deal with.

However, be careful what systems you buy from them. We have just purchased an ISYS EX and went to install a fax modem and discovered that the graphics card heatsink completely masks 2 of the 3 PCI slots!

How on earth can any retailer justify advertising a system as having 3 PCI slots when they know that, the hardware configuration they are using renders 2 out of 3 slots unusable?

I find this amazing - views please?

  iscanut 17:06 05 Mar 2009

If they advertise 3 available PCI slots and this is not the case, then you should have a case to return it as not fit for purpose. Will be interesting to hear Novatech's response.

  spuds 17:16 05 Mar 2009

Surely in the interest of all parties, it would have been far better to have contacted Novatech in the first place, and sought their views.

Have you attempted this?.

  oresome 17:37 05 Mar 2009

Can the graphics card be moved to another slot?

  jack 18:22 05 Mar 2009

The graphics card is almost certainly AGP or PCIExpress therefore with its own dedicated slot.
This being so then the availability of PCI slots as with other cards is limited to those that are unobstructed.
Novatech are not alone in overlooking this fact- many constructors write data sheets from Data not the sight of the product in front of them

  griffo 18:57 05 Mar 2009

Spuds - of course, but it seemed to me that it might save other people from experiencing the same problem if it was publicised.

Jack - yes the graphics card cannot be relocated and I find it amazing that constructors can make such fundamental errors.

I can, and probably will, send the machine back for a refund but this doesn't compensate for the many hours that have been spent loading the machine and getting it fully functional. I bet they won't make any allowance for that!

It seems that, if anyone expects to be able to use PCI slots these days, they need to get a catagoric statement from the Retailer, that all slots are accessible, before they order?

  Zaphod 3 19:47 05 Mar 2009

Surely this is a problem that should be aimed at the Motherboard manufacturers rather than the builders who lets face it can only work with what they are supplied with.

Surely Dell, Mesh et al all have the same issue, therefore it does seem unfair to single out one builder.

  griffo 20:38 05 Mar 2009

Sorry, can't agree with you.

Firms like Novatech choose the components they use and there are many motherboards which provide more space for the added cards etc., which they could select.

I can only single out the 'builder' who has let me down, because that is the limit of my experience (thankfully).

I have already explained my motive - not to 'beat them up in public' (rest assured I am more than capable of doing that direct with them - and will tomorrow!), it's to highlight the issue, to try and help others avoid the same problems. Isn't that one of the reasons for Consumerwatch?

  interzone55 21:33 05 Mar 2009

I think you'll find that the PCI Express X16 slot used by graphics cards is almost always in the same place, and powerful VGA cards with huge heat sinks will generally block the first couple of PCI slots.

Novatech were entirely truthful in stating that there are 3 PCI slots. Unless they said "available slots" in the description you may have trouble getting a refund.

Did you mention when ordering that you need access to 3 PCI slots?

  smoking44 21:49 05 Mar 2009

Was this a custom spec pc or off the shelf. I had one built to my specs and it was fine. However with new technology my troubles started. Upgraded graphic card, this entailed me losing one pci slot and hard drive due to the size of the card. I have a full atx board and case. If I checked the size first (would have I bought it)? Manufacturers of pci components can only go by the size of the pci/pci express slot and not as to where the board makers choose to place it.

  KremmenUK 08:47 06 Mar 2009

Novatech have their own dedicated user forum where I am sure you would get a favourable response and some advice from Novatech themselves who monitor and contribute to the forum.

My last 4 PC's have been Novatech with no issues. I like the fact that you can buy a bare PC and a CD/DVD OS to install from scratch.

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