Novatech v Cube247 custom or Complete other?

  RRD 20:36 03 Feb 2006


Im trying to spec out a family PC and have identified a couple of routes:

Option 1) Barebones pcs like these:

1.1) Novatech matrix pro 64 3200:
AMD Athlon 64 3200
512MB PC3200 400Mhz DDR Ram
250GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
128MB nVidia 6100 Integrated Graphics
16x Dual Format +/- DVD burner
= £449

1.2) Cube247 Capella ST4:
Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz (630) 2MB L2 Cache -
512 MB DDR400 Corsair Memory
250GB Seagate Hard Disk
NEC DVD ReWriter ND4550A 16x Dual Layer
ATI Radeon x300 PCI-Express Graphics 128MB!
= £410

And then on top of these i was going to spend £180 on a samsung 913 19" tft and a Canon pixma 4200 printer (as these seem recomended in these pages)

i)is the pentium4 3.0 630 equivalent to amd64 3200?
ii) which of the above has the better graphics card?
iii) do i need to care about the brand of dvd writer?
iv) Should they be as equally quiet? Its for a living room pc
v) Good tft and printer ive suggested?
vi) Any other barebone systems i should consider of similar spec?


Option2) is to go for a more complete system with tft and printer already such as

2.1) Evesham Axis SB-TV
click here
= £799

2.2) Zoostorm Athlon 64 3700+ Family PC
Ath 64 3200+ CPU, 160GB SATA, 512MB DDR400, DVD/RW-DL, 17" TFT, HP1410 Printer
= £583!

click here

The latter would seem a real bargain in comparison wouldnt it or am i failing to compare apples with apples?

Sorry for all the specs etc - but im getting awash with details and losing the plot i think!

Any thoughts on the way fwd? Some consise / helpful advice very much appreciated!


  Jimmy05 21:28 03 Feb 2006

Hi I can understand why you are getting awash with all the details....

I was told a AMD Athlon 3200 was meant to be as powerful as a P4 3.2GHz

The "integrated graphics" will be onboard... you want a dedicated card...

I dont really think you need to care about the brand of a dvd writer however if you have a favourite brand go for that...

Be warned when buying from less well known places they tend to build PCs with the PSU supplied with the case eg I bought a PC from savastore for £1300... It had the bog standard loud 400W PSU worth £14- Are these companies going to be the same ?

I like the look of the Evesham and the GFX card is a good one...I've heard good things about Evesham :)

All in all I would try Evesham in your situation HOWEVER make sure it is futureproof (upgradeable) and yo are sure that the company you go for is reliable...

Have you tried Mesh ?

Good luck :)

  rdave13 00:40 04 Feb 2006

2.2) Zoostorm Athlon 64 3700+ Family PC
Ath 64 3200+ CPU, 160GB SATA, 512MB DDR400, DVD/RW-DL, 17" TFT, HP1410 Printer
= £583! Checked your link but can't see a machine for that price?

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