Novatech service , laptop problems

  Rizz1984 20:11 30 Mar 2008

hi all ,

I recently purchased a laptop from novatech with windows vista home premium which was supposed to be pre installed. It arrived on friday, proceeded to start it up and it says ' Operating system not found ' , and there isnt even a windows vista installion c.d just the instruction manual!

Can i install the operating system myself if they send me the disc or will have to send the laptop back? Will be ringing them tommorow to sort it out!

  pchelper001 20:25 30 Mar 2008

novatech should install it themselves, as they are the system builders for the oem.

  Rizz1984 20:43 30 Mar 2008

thanks pchelper

also it says:
PXE-E61 : media test failure , check cable
PXE - MOF : exiting PXE Rom
Operating system not found

Any insight what that means? Tried a different cable says the same thing

  lisa02 20:56 30 Mar 2008

Seems a rough job for Novatech, pretty much unheard off on here.

Anyway I'd ship it back for them to deal with.

  Rizz1984 21:01 30 Mar 2008

thanks will do, im very dissapointed tho especially after seeing a lot praise for them

  ened 06:42 31 Mar 2008

You may not want to do this, it being a brand new machine, but it might just be that the Hard Drive connection is not on properly/has come loose in transit.

If opening the case is not going to cause warranty problems you could have a look.

  Mark_H 07:48 31 Mar 2008

the PXE messages your seeing is the machine trying different boot devices because the hard drive has no OS on it. PXE is the network boot.

Simply needs to go back to NOVATECH

  ForestChav 08:04 31 Mar 2008

To go back, or for an OS to be installed on it (sending a disc out) or as I suspect the OS would already have been installed for the HDD to be changed. For a laptop HD there's no reason why this couldn't be sent out. It's a case of opening a compartment under the lappy (one philips screw) then pulling the old drive out before sliding the next in. Can be done by most people in less than 5 mins.

  jack 14:06 31 Mar 2008

With all that advice and before you ship it out.
See what customer service have to say.
Send them a descriptive E-mail at the very least they will sent you prepaid return lable.

  ened 16:49 31 Mar 2008

and I apologise.

I never read the part about it being a Laptop.


  thms 17:52 31 Mar 2008

I got a laptop from them last year for the wife and it also wasn't pre-installed. Although it did come with a disc, which is better in the long run if anything goes wrong.
I believe if you purchase pre-installed systems now you don't get a disc.

Give them a phone and they may send you a disc.

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