Novatech Professionals at fobbing customers off

  bapiow 10:09 01 Jun 2009

I know lots of people on here love Novatech, but I think they have in my opinion got to big.
Several times now I have had problems getting faulty products returned, and at my cost.
This purchase will be the last from Novateh.
Sent a faulty scanner back to them, cost £7. Was told a 10 day turnaround. Now 42 working days no scanner. They keep telling me it's not there fault. Not Novatech's Fault they sold it to me then.
Now given up ever seeing my scanner!!
Will give them a bit more time, then will see if I can go to the county court and try to get my money back.

  tigertop2 11:32 01 Jun 2009

I have to defend Novatech. I have spent a lot of money with them over the past 3 years. Yes, I have occasionally returned items without any problems. Overall they have been responsive, quick off the mark, courteous and helpful by phone or internet. Suggest you talk to them again. Companies big and small can make mistakes and I am sure Novatech will be keen to put things right --- if they are at fault.

  jack 14:30 01 Jun 2009

Most unusual.
Have the full detail of the delay?
Have they acknowledged receipt of the item?
How did you send it and did you get a receipt?
With such item it is not a question of repair- it is simply getting it back checking it and send out a new one if indeed it is faulty.
Investigate further be sensible with the who ever it is you speak to.
Remember that this person may not have spoken to you previously so speak as it if is the first time have all the facts, invoice number etc to hand and talk it through

  bapiow 14:48 01 Jun 2009

All details and receipts times and dates, and the names of the persons at Novatech I contacted over the past two weeks.
Phoned this morning asked politely for any updates.
They keep quoting 28 days for repairs, but when I tell it's well over the 28 days they say as always, we will look into it for you, but I never hear back.
Those people that have never had problems with this company are fortunate indeed.

  Strawballs 23:17 01 Jun 2009

With my experience of them I do not feel like the fortunate one I feel you are the unfortunate one.

  sunnystaines 09:51 02 Jun 2009

I have returned faulty hard drives and faulty RAM both exchanged quickly by despatch

  Spark6 20:07 02 Jun 2009

Was the scanner made/badged by Novatech? If not I would hazard a guess they have returned it to the manufacturer. Should this be the case you may have to demand a replacement or your money back.
I wish you well with this one, keep us posted.

  bapiow 07:21 03 Jun 2009

Sent scanner back to the manufacturer I was informed by Novatech on Tuesday, but did not say when it was sent.
Have now purchased a new scanner from our local PC shop. Will sell the Novatech one whenever it turns up!!!

  ronalddonald 09:37 05 Jun 2009

stop buying from novatech if your unhappy, thats not gonna stop everyone form shopping there. everyone has differnt levels of services so contact novatech and speeak to manager or someone senior and tell them how you ve been treated, so did you realy need the scanner urgently did you tell novatech that, now you have two scanners

  Fingees 09:56 07 Jun 2009

I have shopped at Novatech for years.

I had a problem with the batteries not lasting on a barebones sytem I purchased..

They suggested I return the product to them for inspection as it was nearly out of warranty.

This I did, and they replaced a faulty motherboard with no problem.

I will continue to use them.

If they say the fault is not theirs, then that may be why they haven't done anything about it.

  Input Overload 15:04 07 Jun 2009

Last time I had a problem with RAM from Novatech the money was refunded immediately & I received a letter to confirm this! I have yet to have a bad experience with them, I also highly recommend 'Big Pockets'.

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