Novatech - Positive Feedback

  Griff. 04:51 17 Nov 2007

Placed an order on Wednesday.... selected the free delivery option to arrive some time next week - arrived Friday 10am...

Once again, Novatech have done themselves proud - I recommended them for a long time and will continue to do so.

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  Forum Editor 11:51 17 Nov 2007

that gets a company a good reputation - thanks for letting us know.

  SANTOS7 12:54 17 Nov 2007

Use Novatech often,last item i purchased turned up 6 days early, can't praise this company enough and a lot of other online suppliers could learn a lot from them.....

  Totally-braindead 13:17 17 Nov 2007

Same as SANTOS7 I always try them first, if something does go wrong they sort it out for you unlike some others, first class customer service.

  grumpygramp 13:37 17 Nov 2007

I always check there first, to see if they have what I want. even if it is dearer (within reason ) I will buy from them as I know it will be hassle free .

  Stuartli 13:58 17 Nov 2007

I can, off hand, only recall one complaining thread about Novatech - the many, many others have all contained fulsome praise.

Strangely enough it's one of the very few well known online retailers to date that I've haven't given my custom.

No reason other than force of habit.

  techie4me 15:55 17 Nov 2007

Time & time again people post here and on other forums about how well Novatech do in the service they deliver to their customers.

May be it's time for them to win an award from PCA or another PC Mag for the 1st class service they offer.

  Chris the Ancient 16:06 17 Nov 2007

Stuartli... Time to change your habits? It's worth it.

techie4me... agreed.

  Stuartli 16:40 17 Nov 2007

Not necessarily so. I already receive first class service coupled with very keen prices from the online outlets I've used over many, many years.

I can't ask for - or expect - any more than that.

But I always keep a mental note of outlets that are consistently praised just in case...:-)

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