Novatech PC......What do you think?

  lucozade9 10:22 16 Feb 2005

hi i have looked at novatech computers and found they look quite good however i was wondering what you think of the pc im looking at?

I want it for basic gaming, the net and other basic things such as writing things up on MSword.

AMD Athlon 64 3000

512MB PC3200 400MHz DDR RAM

Hard Drive
160GB 7200rpm

128MB DDR GeForce FX5500 AGP Card

5.1 6-Channel Capable

Optical Drive
High Speed Dual Layer +/- DVD Burner

1 x RJ45 Network Port (10/100)


ATX Midi Tower

3 x 5.25" Drive Bays

4 x 3.5" (2xInt, 2xExt) Drive Bays

2 x 400MHz DDR slots (2GB max)

1 x Parallel Port, 1 x Serial Port

5 x USB2 (1 Front, 4 Back)

1 x RJ45 Network Port (10/100)

56K Modem

5.1 6-Channel Capable Sound

Windows Xp home

Novatech 17" (16" Viewable) Black Monitor 0.27mm Dot Pitch 1280 x 1024 OSD DDC(is this good?)

All for £606 with delivery

My friend has also told me to make sure it has a pci slot for future upgrading which i intend to do
but it does not say anything about a pci slot. Is a pci slot standard now?

thanks in advance for help :)

  Bandy 10:41 16 Feb 2005

Regarding unknown details of computer I suggest give Novatech a ring - I have always found them to be very helpful and their technical services have been second to none.

  thms 10:44 16 Feb 2005

Don't know much about gaming but any basic computer will cope with word documents.

As for Novatech I use them a lot and have found their service to be excellent. I have yet to see a bad word about them on this or any other forum.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:07 16 Feb 2005

The monitor is at the lower end of the scale nowadays - a .27 pitch is low.

PCI slots - will depend on the motherboard - generally speaking you need one for a modem, a sound card, (onboard sound is not wonderful but will do as a basis) a network card (which is on board in this case).

Ask novatech what motherboard is in the machine - then do a google search for it or post here and people will tell you what it is like.

  961 14:20 16 Feb 2005

Yes, upgrade to a better monitor with appropriate price adjustment. Min .25 dot pitch

  Stuartli 14:22 16 Feb 2005

I'm surprised TomJery hasn't responded - he has a high regard for the company's products and service.

  lucozade9 16:58 16 Feb 2005

how about this monitor?

click here

thanks again for help

  wjrt 17:34 16 Feb 2005

click here

try this one

  961 17:52 16 Feb 2005

Reading reviews on the original monitor I think it may be worth a try because the price level is hard to match and there is something to be said for buying it all from the same place

However so far as the one suggested in your 16.58 I suggest it is not a good idea to pick something which is not in stock or readily available at the suppliers

  Ceri.E 18:59 16 Feb 2005

I have had 3 computers from them.

My current is a 3200+ A64 754 with a gig of RAM (a higher spec than you can get from them today).
I've had it for about a year.

I would try to find out which motherboard they use, since they often just call it a Novatech one.

They are cheaper than most, so they might be using a cheap MOBO.

Teir aftersales service is very good. Their sales person took an age to tell me which A64 chip was in a laptop, though.

Ceri Evans

  Joe R 19:51 16 Feb 2005


I have used Novatech for a few years now, and have found all aspects, of their operation, from sales to support, to be of the highest quality.

This link will take you to a review of the mobo in this system.
click here

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