Novatech or Acer Laptop

  exetergirl 14:27 20 Jul 2007


Today I am trying to decide on a new laptop model: I currently have an Acer, on which the headphone socket no longer works (still under warranty). I am going to send it away to be fixed, but need a machine to work on in the meantime, and want to upgrade anyway.
I have narrowed it down to a couple of models:

another Acer, Aspire 5103WLmi, for £435

click here

or the Aspire Aspire 5633WLMi also £435

click here


Novatech X40i 14", about £480
click here

I'm not sure which one to go for as the Acer ones seem to have better specs (Core 2 Duo, as opposed to Core Duo on the Novatech for example), but Novatech have an excellent reputation, and from what I have read on here Acer can be a bit dodgy (and of course I have one Acer going in to be fixed after only 10 months...). I cannot afford more than £500, and these come in under that figure. I was also thinking about an Acer 3 yr warranty which includes cover in Europe (will need this as will be abroad). Anyhow, any advice would be very gratefully received from those who know far more about these things than I do!
Thank you in advance

  exetergirl 14:34 20 Jul 2007

sorry, I forgot to say that I will be using it mostly for typing up documents, web browsing, Skype and watcing dvds- I won't be needing it for gaming or anything like that.

  Chris the Ancient 16:37 20 Jul 2007

I have a novatech laptop (but not your model). However, they do seem to use the same bits and pieces, but with different spec components installed as necessary.

What I will say for novatech is that they do have a great service and most people have nothing but praise for them (just try a search on novatech in these forums) and they are usually pretty good on after sales service.

The support CDs that came with the laptop were all good, and the manual on how to set up the computer was good (though I did load my own software!).

The only down side I have found with my laptop is that the keyboard is not quite as rigid as some I have used. I accept that I can be a 'heavy' typist, but the keyboard does seem to flex a little as I work on it.

Apart from that, I'm more than happy with mine.

Any way you can try either model before you buy?

  Quiet Life 19:23 20 Jul 2007

It is somewhat confusing as both Acer links refer to the 5633 although describing different laptops. The 5103 that you refer to has an AMD processor and is obviously not one of the two models.
I have a 5634 which has the T5600 processor (1.83) but otherwise identical to the model with the 120gb harddrive and dedicated graphics card. I bought it in October last year with an upgrade to Vista but as I tried Vista beta in a desktop and did not like it I am still running Media Centre. It has been faultless and the inbuilt mic. and speakers and camera are ideal on Skype.
Has the Novatech got speakers and mic. or just inputs for them like a lot of Dells have?
Acer sell an enormous number of laptops but whether they have more problems percentage wise I do not know.
The other Acer with the graphics on board has Vista and the recommendation for that is 2.0MB of memory so it could well be slower especially with shared graphics.
The Novatech is smaller and lighter but the core 2 duo is a plus factor for going Acer.

  doveys 19:41 20 Jul 2007

I have the 5633WLMi and I think it's brilliant.
If you're interested (I hope the forum managers don't mind) I know of a Brand New Compaq laptop that's available for considerably less than you're looking at spending. Unfotunately it became available after I bought my Acer otherwise I'd have had it!
Anyway, you can buy the 3 year warranty for £99 at a number of retailers, which covers ANY new laptops.
Hope this helps

  Strawballs 22:41 20 Jul 2007

When buying from Novatech don't forget to allow for O/S

  exetergirl 12:40 23 Jul 2007

Hello everyone
Thank you VERY much for all you input, and my apologies for getting the links all wrong...I am a bit concerned about using Vista unless the machine is powerful enough to do it, but have found this model, which seems good with 2gb RAM:

click here

Can I just ask anyone with the 5633wlmi if the speakers are any good- my current Acer is tinny to say the least and I have to use external speakers with it. I did have a look around at Compaq following Dovey's suggestion, but couldn't really find the one I thought he might be talking about. I think this one seems like a good price too? I had forgotten with Novatech that I need to get the OS too.

Thanks again everyone!Will probably go for this one, but am very grateful for your opinions.

  P1d 12:56 23 Jul 2007

I have a 5633wlmi and it's been great for me.

As for the speakers, they can be a bit tinny but most laptops are the same, however I run external speakers from mine when I'm at home and the sound is excellent.

Hope this helps.

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