Novatech Laptops

  ton 15:00 24 Mar 2009

Anyone had any recent experience of Novatech Laptops?

I know the firm has a good name, that's why I'm looking into maybe buying one.

I assume they are re-badged components?

Anyone know if they are ok?

  Clapton is God 15:08 24 Mar 2009
  user8 15:47 24 Mar 2009

Good to find out what the max amount of RAM Memory is before buying.
It's the only grip with their laptops.
These days with Vista you really need 3GB+.

  rickf 22:03 24 Mar 2009

and 4GB for vista ultimate

  rickf 22:03 24 Mar 2009

and 64bits I believe

  Strawballs 22:19 24 Mar 2009

My son has had one for about 2yrs now and has not complained about it.
It is pointless getting 4gig of ram if you are using a 32bit O/S as it will only use 3.2gig of it, if you use the 64bitthen it will use a lot more.

  Strawballs 22:20 24 Mar 2009

oops a space was required between bit and then

  ton 20:24 25 Mar 2009

Thanks for replies.

Anyone else bought one?

  Diemmess 18:34 26 Mar 2009

I bought one,(late 2007) mid range and price to use as a backup PC and a portable.
2Gb is enough RAM for me, I bought XP Pro O.E.M at the same time because I am happy with that.
It worked straight out of the box with a wireless connection.

No snags whatever until I found that on battery only, i.e. after removing the mains connection the Internet connection dropped out. All other apps continued happily on battery only.

Novatech sent me a replacement wireless card overnight, which didn't work at all! They collected the laptop replaced the card again and it was back in my hands within a week. Works fine since.

The engineer's note said sorry and unusual because they [use upmarket wireless cards]

The support and willingnes to correct a fault proved to me once again why I buy from this firm if they supply it, they support it.

  Spark6 20:38 26 Mar 2009

I recently purchased a desktop from Novatech, together with an OEM copy of XP Pro SP3, and called their helpline a couple of times while setting it up. Usual automated call system, music while you're on hold etc, my queries were settled to my satisfaction.

Today I received my TalkTalk phone and broadband monthly bill and find the calls were charged at approx 10p/min. Future queries, if any, will be via internet only. Didn't go much on the music either!

  Demora 20:46 28 Mar 2009

I have a mid range notebook(18 months old) and my desktop is 3+ years old. Had one problem with the notebook memory chips. was sorted as I waited in the showroom in Portsmouth.

Haven't had much hardware trouble with the desktop. (nothing that these forums haven't been able to help with)

All in all They're very good. I've just bought a Motherboard bundle too.


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