Novatech Is it me!

  finerty 20:53 12 Jul 2011

Went to novatech to buy a case got the case no nuts. Returned the case as it was to flimsy for my liking. Anyway saw a good one, asked the chap says none in stock. So go home and only to find on their website states two available.

Here comes the bit, each time I go the reading branch I find them very iffy as in racist, now I’ve said it, and I’m sure there will be tones of you saying no there not. I have visited them four times for a variety of reasons.

The last chap I spoke to was the assistant general manager. I can’t quite understand why if it’s just a little snigger here or there.

I thought its high time I got this off my mind. Hard to prove yet I’ve been around a good while to know since I’ve seen the national front tear me down back in the 1970's to know the subtle body language of the staff at the reading branch. I wondering why I’m trying to justify something pretty trivial, I guess it’s the memories left deep within me.

  finerty 20:56 12 Jul 2011

and the emotions.

  Colin 12:38 13 Jul 2011

I can't comment on your particular case, or Novatech, but I've found in my experience that any PC shops, big or small, are staffed by arrogant, bad mannered morons.

I’ve tried several independent PC shops in my area and the staff are identical, talking down to you and that’s if you can get them to acknowledge your existence in the first place. It’s no wonder a lot of them go under quickly.

Having said that, I live quite close to Overclockers in Staffordshire, so collect my bits from them and I’ve always found their counter staff good to deal with.

  Strawballs 14:21 13 Jul 2011

Novatech's head office in Portsmouth are nothing like you explained very helpful and not at all arrogant.

  wee eddie 16:07 13 Jul 2011

Am I reading Reading wright!

  elaine giles 17:09 18 Jul 2011

My name is Elaine Giles and I am the Director of Consumer Services at Novatech and I was very surprised to read your comments regarding the service you received at our Reading Store.

If you would like e-mail me at [email protected] I will of course be happy to discuss the matter with you.

  wee eddie 23:18 18 Jul 2011

Elaine, welcome to the Forum. I'm sure that your presence here will confirm the view that Novatech is a Company that cares for its Customers.

  Diemmess 15:12 20 Jul 2011

Echo that wee eddie.

From my past experience I was happy to recommend a friend (only last week) to go and see for himself or at least visit their website before making up his mind.

And for Elaine: I'm hopeful that a compamy founded on and still viable because of its emphasis on good customer relationships, is precisely what you intend to continue to oversee.

  elaine giles 17:31 20 Jul 2011

Thank you for your support, it is feedback from cucstomers like yourselves that allows us to continue to provide an excellent service :)

  rickf 09:56 21 Jul 2011

It's not you finerty. These actions are very subtle. I too have experienced this, not at Novatech, but various other places. It's so difficult to prove and if you were to complain you are told not to be so sensitive or that you have a chip on your shoulder. I would say that unless you have been on the receiving end you do not know what it feels like. I have thought about this before responding to this thread as I was concrened that I would get all sorts of ill considered responses.

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