Novatech-good and bad.

  Thos 15:30 05 Jul 2005

Seeing other posts on this site lauding Novatech, I ordered an external hard drive which arrived on Saturday. The Hard Drive seemed OK but the paperwork included related to an external CD writer. Worse, perhaps, was the inclusion of a cable connector of the wrong type. To my surprise, there was no customer service on Saturdays.

When I telephoned on Monday morning, after going through the usual menu and listening to a few music tracks, I was put through to Melissa who couldn't understand what I was talking about and summarily put me on hold waiting for someone else. More music later a very helpful voice(Dan, I think) understood, apologised, took notes and a short while later rang me back to say he would send the correct cable. He also e-mailed me to give me links on how to initialise, format and partition the new drive, something which had never occurred to me. Today the cable arrived and all is working well.

What a pity that what could have been superb service was marred by sloppy packing of the order and initial indifferent service requiring half an hour or so of hanging on to a telephone.

  spuds 19:01 05 Jul 2005

A simple error, which was corrected at the earliest opportunity.So top marks to Novatech.Try dealing with a company that do not offer a rapid response, like taking days to answer a straight and simple email :o)

  Thos 10:13 06 Jul 2005

spuds: Not quite top marks when it cost me national phone rates clearing up problems caused by sloppy packing which should never have happened in the first place. Nevertheless, they did get it right in the end.

  accord 06:53 07 Jul 2005

"sloppy packing which should never have happened in the first place"

Please tell me of any company out there who have never made a mistake with their picking and packing of a product as I shall use them for ever and ever.

Your problem seems like an isolated case, as spuds points out, it was rectified at the earliest opportunity and all is well. If I may point out, I have heard of some leading online retailers who would have had you fill out paperwork to get your cable and then wait 4 weeks for it.

  Thos 17:47 07 Jul 2005

I am sorry, but the service could be better and if this isn't pointed out then there will never be improvements.

Nevertheless, as I said at the outset Novatech is a good company, but there are weak points, maybe as most companies have!


  grumpygramp 19:07 08 Jul 2005

What does this Dan think heis playing at ? when they say they will ring you back they are not really supposed to

  howard60 17:50 09 Jul 2005

so far in my dealings over several years Novatech have performed the best. When I have had a problem they do try to put things right. They are my first choice.

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