Novatech disaster!

  Jakey boy 11:13 29 Jun 2006

First thing, (08:00am) Friday (23/06/06) morning, I placed an order for a printer, (HP 5940) and selected delivery date "Monday 26th June". This cost me extra, not because it was Monday, (3 days after the order was placed) but because it was "The Highlands of Scotland!" - I am typing this on THURSDAY THE 29TH of JUNE!!!!! and I still have not received the damn printer!!! I spoke to "customer services" on Monday, (the day it was paid for to be delivered) and after a short discussion, they decided to refund me £5.00 of the £10.99(!) delivery charge. I explained that I was a nightshift worker, and that it was difficult for me to remain awake during the day to accept deliveries, but I was assured that everything would proceed smoothly. I have, today spoken to "Helen" who has apologised and blamed the carriers, (UPS) and given them my phone number to call me within the hour. The hour was up fifteen minutes ago, and I still have no printer, no call from the carriers, and no effing patience left! I will NEVER order anything from NOVATECH again, and I will be asking my MP to look into this as an instance of positive descrimination against my descendancy and my geographical location!!! - I usually use Ebuyer, but they are having some problems at the moment which would have - delayed - my delivery ------ :-D

  freaky 11:30 29 Jun 2006

These problems do occur unfortunately - especially when the delivery point is a little out of the way.

Novatech, in common with most suppliers, are in the hands of the delivery contractors.

It would appear that Novatech are being as helpful as possible - especially as they are refunding £5.00 of the delivery charge. The blame therefore rest's entirely with UPS not Novatech. These are the people you should be annoyed with.

Hope you get your printer shortly, in the meantime 'take a deep breath' and relax!

  rmcqua 13:58 29 Jun 2006

I sympathise, but these kind of things do happen with all suppliers, often as a result of delivery contractors.
Don't you think that asking your MP to investigate this as an example of positive discrimination against your descendancy, etc. is just a bit over the top?
Unfortunately, if you rule out Novatech and E-Buyer, you will be excluding two of the least complained-about suppliers!

  Input Overload 14:18 29 Jun 2006

Why don't you use a local supplier?

  961 16:34 29 Jun 2006

Forgive me, but what has this to do with your descendancy?

As someone who lived in the Highlands for many years I am well aware of delivery problems there, but I am sure you must be as well

I now live in the Scottish Borders, where delivery problems can arise just the same. Be aware that many of these delivery agents use self employed guys who can take the view that if there is one delivery 50 miles out of the way it may well wait until tomorrow

That's not the fault of Novatech although I am sure that if you press them they will either give a full refund and cancel the order or refund the total delivery charge

Such failings infuriate me too, but I invariably end up with the product delivery free even if days late. My only alternative is to get in the car and spend a shedload on petrol

  spuds 19:25 29 Jun 2006

How can Novatech be held to blame for a couriers decision. No self employed franchisee, is going to spend a large amount of their income in doing a perhaps one out of the way drop-off, especially if the delivery time as strict terms and conditions, due to someones work pattern.

Some companies that I deal with, now inform all their customers, that most courier firms will no longer delivery to certain parts of the UK.

  Totally-braindead 21:12 29 Jun 2006

I'm sorry you have had this problem. Novatech are my favourite supplier and I have been using them for years and never had a problem.
That said they do appear to be trying their best to sort it out, hence the refund on some of your delivery charge, I can only ask that you have a bit of patience. If they try to deliver it and don't get you then the worst thing that will happen is they will leave a postcard and you will have to phone and arrange a delivery. I appreciate you are frustrated but its I really cannot see the point of a lot of your posting, I have no idea what you are on about with regards your MP. Its simple really, the carrier has slipped up. These things happen. You don't want to use Novatech again then fine but they are one of the better ones and it will be you that will miss out.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:38 29 Jun 2006

as his MP has a seat both in the Scottish Parliament and the Commons, his MP could raise this matter in Westminster. However if Jakey lived in Portsmouth (say) and his Computer supplier was located in (say) Scotland, Jakey's MP would not have the right to raise the matter in the Scottish Assembly (AFAIK).
Just thought I'd make this point(and hopefully not get it deleted!!)

  freaky 21:53 29 Jun 2006

So I would assume that Jakey boy has hopefully received his HP Printer!

  philboam 22:25 29 Jun 2006

And all the scots love the english?.

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