Novatech Bundle - Is it any good

  dean_e_boy 13:14 02 Feb 2004

I am looking to update my motherboard and processor and wondered whether the NovTech bundle is any good? Is it worth buying??

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  961 13:48 02 Feb 2004

I find the company good and reliable and I believe their motherboard bundles are good value.

I don't, however, know about the video card and someone else may be able to help on that

The processor is good value and performs well. I think that buying pre assembled is a good idea as the lot is tested and you don't risk putiing a screwdriver through the board when assembling the heatsink onto the processor

  georgemac 15:02 02 Feb 2004

would have liked a bit more info about the motherboard, ie manufacturer and model, for upgradeability, but at that speed it will last long enough.

The graphics card is direct x 9 compatible and is considered a budget, but very up to date card. I fitted one to a friends PC and the game their son played looked OK to me, although serious gamers would probably want something better.

  leo49 19:12 02 Feb 2004

I helped install this bundle without the graphics card into a friends PC - I'm pretty sure the mobo is an Elite[can't remember the model no]

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It's a basic board but he seems happy with it.

  R4 20:52 02 Feb 2004

The Novatech Motherboard Bundle - AMD XP 2000 (1.67GHz), Heatsink and Fan, 256MB RAM, is a good buy and makes 'building your own' easier as it is pre tested & guanteed to work. A good price and has sound and grahics on board wich can be disabled if you want something meatier.

  Chris the Ancient 08:58 03 Feb 2004

Can't say I know the bundle, but I do know the company.

I've never had any problems with them and I've seen a heck of a lot more positive feedback that negative in this forum.


  dean_e_boy 09:38 03 Feb 2004

Many thanks for all your help, I think I will buy the bundle and let you know how it went

  Diemmess 17:58 03 Feb 2004

Have never so far been let down by Novatech.
Have regularly bought items from them and only a very few were defective.

They have always replaced promptly, even in the case of a wrong spec from me, they refunded the total amount on the grounds that it was bought "unseen". Now that is service!

Their stock is a mite limited, but they have a good tech support by phone (local rate) and at least the possibility of talking to a human with a postal address.

  961 19:22 03 Feb 2004

Isn't it nice to see a thread about a company with positive comments from its customers!

  sdf 19:44 03 Feb 2004

novatech have never steared me wrong - i have one of their bundles and it works like a dream

  Dumble452 11:02 17 Feb 2004

Likewise. I have always had good service from them.

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