Novatech are terrible

  moblin123 19:26 28 Oct 2008

I received a faulty x50 laptop from novatech .its power button was not attached properly and the cd/dvd tray button wasn't even attached. After a few use's the power button had fallen inside the computer. and the only way to turn it on was to use a object to flick the inner switch. I would normally not resort to having to do this my self but i had to get files for college.

I sent the laptop in for repairs but was denied by novatech for liability because they found Biro on a LED light (:?) and found it diffident believe my case as it hadn't happened before. So the company that sold me a faulty good charged me with the price of repair, £60...

i just received my laptop except this time it wont power up and i am scared to press to hard on the power button incase it breaks again. This time im gona to get my dad to speak to them, maybe they thought they could take advantage on a unassertive student :(.

  MAJ 19:31 28 Oct 2008

How old is the laptop? When did you first buy it from Novatech?

  moblin123 19:36 28 Oct 2008

got it last month, around September 18th

  Adz1310 19:41 28 Oct 2008

Fraid I have to disagree, I have always had good things to say about Novatech. I have bought alot of stuff from them, and most recently bought a TV, the picture wasn't the greatest after all the reviews saying that it was great. I told them they arranged to pick it up and replaced it within 24 hours, so got to say I had a good experience with them.

  MAJ 19:50 28 Oct 2008

You have seemily given Novatech a get-out by fiddling with the laptop. If it was broken when you received it, you should have got it sorted at that stage, in fact you should have rejected it as soon as it was delivered. I'm not sure of the Distance Selling Regulations in this case but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on them will reply shortly.

  SB23 19:50 28 Oct 2008

I disagree.

Why on earth would Novatech want to take advantage of anyone, never mind you?

If you can't sort it yourself, then yes, get your dad to have a chat to them.

They would have too much to loose, when alot of Novatech users use this forum, including myself.

  MAT ALAN 20:05 28 Oct 2008

click here

there is clearly a T and C procedure to follow if you have met all this criteria then Novatech would be more than happy to replace your damaged item.

If they are saying that any sort of repair has been tried by a third party (other than their recognised technicians) it may well be in breech of the conditions listed in the link...

I hold Novatech in the highest regard i have bought from them many times and would be happy to endorse their website.

If you speak to Novatech again you might be advised to read the statements in the link first, if you are unhappy with the repair follow their procedures and i am sure they will help you...

  spuds 23:29 28 Oct 2008

"maybe they thought they could take advantage on a unassertive student :(."

Why is it that the student label comes into a conversation when things appear to to wrong?.

I have purchased a few items from Novatech, and found them to be an honest and fair company to deal with. If there were faults from the beginning, why did you not send the item straight back for a refund or replacement, instead of keeping the item then moaning about it later. Personally I think there is more to this, than what you have stated, hence a bill for £60.00.

  Forum Editor 00:19 29 Oct 2008

is that if you have been charged £60 for a repair that hasn't worked you are perfectly entitled to be very annoyed. Fitting a power button is a simple repair, and should have been correctly carried out.

The fact that your laptop had a faulty button in the first place should have entitled you to a free repair without question, and frankly I'm very surprised to hear that the supplier disclaimed responsibility because they found ink marks - did you explain that you had to use a ball-point pen in order to start the machine? You would hardly break the power button deliberately, in fact it would be quite difficult to do under normal circumstances.

Get your father to explain exactly what happened, and tell him to ask for a refund of the £60 you paid. I doubt very much that this company thought they could take advantage of you. It's a pity that you didn't return the computer as soon as you spotted the fault, but that's water under the bridge now.

  User-1300263 00:36 29 Oct 2008

go and see the manager tell him why and what you paid bet you get it back

  moblin123 11:36 30 Nov 2010

Laptop had to go back to novatech three times since my first post and now its going to be written off, I have to say the technical crew there were very polite and made it as easy to return stuff with the online chat help desk. They repaired it again costing 60 quid to fix the button that keeps breaking, but it wouldn't switch on. Lucky they gave 3 months insurance on the thing so I sent it back to find a screw shorted the mobo and would cost £200 to fix. Novatech don't deserve any more money and it wouldn't make sense to gamble £200 to see if it comes back working. Why am I saying this? I'm not angry or even annoyed I just want people to realise blind faith into this company is bullshit. Also I'd advise to stick to branded laptops they should be much more reliable.

Thanks for the reply's totally forgot about this site and Spuds I did speak to them as soon as it went "to to wrong" lol.

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