Clueless_Techie 20:09 09 Dec 2009

Hello. I'm about to buy a New computer from Novatech click here , and I just thought that I would post here to make sure that they are a good/reliable company to buy from. Never hurts to check a final time. Thanks in Advance.

  GaT7 20:55 09 Dec 2009

They are a very reputable company, who consistently offer good to excellent customer support.

Their systems can be a little on the high side though - compared to some others anyway.

What kind of system were you looking to buy & what's your budget? G

  Diemmess 21:00 09 Dec 2009

I don't think your link is specific enough!

My previous experience, and some only last week when buying stuff from Novatech, leaves me well satisfied. Overnight delivery almost every time even at the cheapest end of the charges.

As to which model?
You'll need to "Click Here" on a window dealing only with your favoured choice if you want us to argue for or against.

  Clueless_Techie 21:01 09 Dec 2009

click here
I'll be getting the Pro-Version. I need everything Inlcuding a moniter and my budget is £800.

  Clueless_Techie 21:04 09 Dec 2009

Oh, and it's for some gaming (Mainly older games), browsing the internet, and doing my classwork. I already have an Operating system to instal so I won't need one of those.

  I am Spartacus 00:01 10 Dec 2009

I agree that Novatech generally have above average support. However unless specified I note that their pre-built systems often contain unbranded generic components. In the model you've chosen the the brand names are not displayed for the Case, Motherboard, RAM, Hard Disk, Graphic Card and PSU. Whilst this makes it easier for them to put together systems with components held in stock it also means that they could be the cheapest 'average' parts available. It could also mean that they're very good brands but you don't know.

Whilst this may not matter to many people I would want to know what the components were if I was paying that for a system.

  Terry Brown 11:17 10 Dec 2009

I used to buy quite regulary from Novasoft, until I had a piece of Duff hardware (Motherboard), the problems I have in returning it, getting it fixed (repeatly), have put me off them.

It may have been that I was unlucky, but a lot of people buy from them, so they can't be that bad.

  HondaMan 12:12 10 Dec 2009

Novasoft ?

  Clueless_Techie 20:02 10 Dec 2009

So what was the response here then? I would prefer to get this comouter here, because It's around the sort of spec I would like and in my budget. So is Novatech a good company to buy from on average then?

  inmymind 22:01 10 Dec 2009

Yes, they are an excellent company in my experience. If you're concerned about what parts are used in one of their pc's, just drop them a line and they should be able to tell you, always been very approachable.

  Strawballs 00:33 11 Dec 2009

I have used them quite a bit and found them very reliable and when I bought a novatech DVD rewriter it was a liteon

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