hzhzhzhz 19:57 23 Dec 2007

I need a laptop for my daughter and after being unimpressed with the after sales service from Currys and Gateway,I'm now looking at one of the cheaper offerings from Novatech.Are they in peoples good books these days regarding after sales?.


  Totally-braindead 21:17 23 Dec 2007

Do a search for Novatech in the Forums. I can only recall one bad report personally and that was from someone who bought the wrong thing. It was his fault and everyone that responded told him the same thing but he seemed to think it was Novatechs fault. It wasn't, the guy clearly had no idea what he was buying and bought the wrong thing, it would have been different if he'd asked Novatech and they told him to buy this item but he didn't he just bought it on line. Novatech offered him a refund but not the postage as it wasn't their fault but this guy just wouldn't accept it. Total twit in my opinion.

Novatechs after sales service is to me second to none, all the other companies could take a lesson from them.

I've bought 5 barebones systems from them and all have been perfect as has everything else I have bought from them. And if there is any problem they will do their very best to sort it out quickly.

I always buy from them if they have what I want, I only go elsewhere when they cannot supply what I need. Highly recommended.

  hzhzhzhz 21:52 23 Dec 2007

Thanks for that Totally-braindead.I appreciate the reply.Looks like Novatech will have a new customer.


  Whaty 10:27 24 Dec 2007

hzhzhzhz, I recommended a Novatec laptop to someone recently. It arrived within a couple of days from placing the order, worked perfectly sraight out of the box and they are completely delighted with it..

There are few company's I would recommend but based on my own experience, Novatec is one of them..

Good luck,

  hzhzhzhz 11:01 24 Dec 2007

Thanks Whaty.

  ricvic 21:38 24 Dec 2007

Me too. I have bought for my self and on behalf of the firm. Good prices, excellent after sales. There was a problem with a laptop, but they sorted it. Recommended.

  Buzzitup 14:45 22 Jan 2008

Laptops seem pretty good from there so far but we've only had them 9 months so there's still plenty of time... That's where it ends though in my (and plenty of others') experience of Novatech. Totally-braindead, I don't think you did a good job in looking beyond a couple of areas of Novatech praise & worship... The hard drive I just sent back was the last time I will be dealing with them. 2 failed drives well within warranty, 2 older drives sent to us with newer drive labelling on - that was the end of that relationship. Any company that has no issue with selling older parts off as new can have the best customer service and after sales support in the world, they're still dodgy. I hope your laptop stays the course because you can kiss goodbye to your delivery charges and time spent emailing & sorting things out!

  grumpygramp 15:45 22 Jan 2008

My two main suppliers. First Novatech and if they have not got it.I go to .In my opinion both these firms , could run courses in customer service and customer relations , for all firms to attend .

  Totally-braindead 16:46 22 Jan 2008

Buzzitup I have to say that I was speaking from my personal experience of them and from the comments of others on the Forum.
I have never heard of Novatech selling old hard drives as new with new labeling on them before or indeed any company doing this.
And from my experience if you do get a faulty part they will sort it out very quickly, far quicker than anyone else.
I have no idea as to what has happened to you but it is unusual. I do not believe for a minute that Novatech has altered labels on hard drives but it is possible that they might have been supplied with dodgy ones.
Only thing I have ever seen that comes close to this is 7dayshop selling copies of Nero 7 the burning software and they had to refund everyone that got it as they had been supplied with illegal dodgy copies from one of their suppliers.

  Zerogravity 17:35 24 Jan 2008

Highly recommended from me. I bought a PC, and a printer from them, any questions and problems are readily solved. Same as grumpygramp, I check Novatech then, and chose following availability or cheapest price.

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