inmymind 09:35 14 Jan 2007

Hi, looking at pcs for my parents. They need a new one for the office. Already have a flat screen monitor, so just need the base unit and new keyboard. Will use it for general word processing etc. Have seen this one at novatech

click here

Works out at £441.20 delivered with xp home installed.

Any thoughts on spec, price, novatech etc??


  thms 10:24 14 Jan 2007

Not the cheapest on the net, but I have used them frequently and there customer service is second to none.

I have never seen a bad post here against them.

I was building a computer for a christmas gift and the parts were held up because the PSU I wanted was out of stock. A quick phone call and I was offered a better one at no extra cost and received the components 2 days later.

  thms 10:31 14 Jan 2007

Re the spec a bit pricey for general word processing.

If only being used for office use then a cheaper model would be more than adequate.

  Totally-braindead 12:06 14 Jan 2007

Nice enough computer but in some ways its overkill for word processing etc, a cheaper one would do the same job but if other interests rear there head it should do for them as well.
I've bought a couple of Novatech barebones units and they have been fine.

  inmymind 14:50 14 Jan 2007

Cheers. i wanted to get them one that was a bit over spec, as you said just in case they get a bit more into computers. Rather than having to upgrade later. Many thanks for your replies.

  Pesala 21:48 16 Jan 2007

click here

That's what I have been using 12+ hours a day for two months — no problems at all - very prompt delivery and good support by email or online chat.

Inside the case is very tidy with loads of space for ventilation. Not too noisy either. I got a 1 Gbyte USB stick for backup/transfer of files.

  terryf 21:52 16 Jan 2007

click here or click here& , my son buys from here for business and says very good value for home as well

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