Novatech 2.1 mega pixel £50 Digital Camera

  astra46 23:46 27 Jun 2003

Does anyone own one of these? For £50 is seems like excellent value. The spec is:-

2.1 mega pixels
8meg sdram
1.4inch lcd screen
2x digital zoom

Perhaps this would be a suitable camera for a beginer like me. Is it really worth spending £50 more for a Kodak?
Any info would be helpful.

  TBH1 00:12 28 Jun 2003

don't know much about these digital cameras, well, any digital camera - - - however, a mate of mine has a 'cheapo' - - -more than adequate for his needs but when the battery runs out you lose everything in the memory - -usually no worries if you download every night to PC but not much good when your away from home. He's very pleased with it for the price though, think he paid £54 or so.
Aldi have one on offer this coming Thursday - -3.3 mega pixels for £99.99 - - now if I could justify it I would buy this one.Like the one you mentioned , this has 2 x digital zoom but from what I've read on digital cameras on this forum, you really need optical zoom - - -but hey, we don't all need to be David Bailey - - -is that the name I'm looking for ??? Showing my age I guess.

  DieSse 00:58 28 Jun 2003

Just be aware that it DOESN'T say the LCD is a colour LCD for viewing images - many cheap cameras are for menus only - it doesn't say either way, so ask first to make sure

By contrast the HP photosmart, for £90, specifically does say colour LCD for viewing pictures.

  H-J 08:40 28 Jun 2003

DieSse raises a good point. digital watches also have an lcd display. you might find that it has a tiny panel that tells you how many frames you have taken/have left.

Also, having looked at quite a few advertsfor low end cameras for the kids, they all look great in the ads (well they would, wouldnt they?) but actually seeing them they look really naff. poor finish on cheap quality plastic cases etc.


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