Novatech - The 1st Year

  ukpostcode 14:36 12 Nov 2010

Wow what a joy it has been to own a Novatech PC.
A year of 100% working & not one problem.
No need to ring the helpdesk.

Some other makers could take note of this!!
Next PC will be another Novatech;-)

  I am Spartacus 15:05 12 Nov 2010

To be fair I suspect your experience is that of most users irrespective of where they bought their PC.

  Armchair 15:06 12 Nov 2010

None of the various computers or consoles (eleven of them so far) I've owned over the decades have conked out in the first year of use. In fact, the only internal problem I've encountered was the DVD ROM drive on this PC, whcih packed up after five years.

It's usually stuff like printers, mice etc. that break.

  ukpostcode 15:10 12 Nov 2010

We had 3years of hell with another pc maker.
Well known on this site & others for poor customer service and support!
But it's been a pleasure to own a Novatech PC.

  Forum Editor 18:23 12 Nov 2010

& not one problem.
No need to ring the helpdesk."

That applies to the vast majority of computers. I have four different makes of machine in my office, and all of them have worked perfectly since the day they arrived - one of them is over two years old.

It's great to hear that you're happy with your computer, but the truth is that most people are the same - we hear about the problems, but they are related to a tiny percentage of overall computer sales.

  shellship 18:38 12 Nov 2010

I have had several Dells and, now, a Cougar. All 5 years at least (FE "one is over 2 years old" - cor) and never needed to call for help.

  OTT_B 20:17 12 Nov 2010

All mine (home builds) work perfectly.....when I don't faff with them!

ukpostcode: glad you're happy with your purchase. Novatech have been good to me in the past as well.

  canarieslover 20:56 12 Nov 2010

While not meaning to disrespect Novatech or any of the other suppliers, they are just assemblers of manufactured parts. Yes, some suppliers don't assemble them so well or don't select their parts so well, but, at the end of the day, you really don't find out how good a supplier is until you have a problem. The way, and speed, that they deal with the problem is what really sorts out the wheat from the chaff. In 23 years of buying and using P.C.'s I have only had one fail within warranty and that was one often spoken of, in this Forum, as being a good supplier. My experience until the failure was that the members recommending the supplier were absolutely right. When it failed and disappeared back to the supplier and then did not reappear for about six weeks, and with no information as to it's progress, I had changed my mind about the supplier and now would never purchase from them again. Probably I was just unlucky but I won't chance a second machine from them.

  finerty 12:37 13 Nov 2010

ive had my ebuyer pc desktop over a year ive upgraded by installing another dvd drive and hard drive came with 4gb ram still on going i do clean the dust out every 6 months but that's normal

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