Not PC related but digital radio

  TommyRed 21:40 25 Oct 2005

Sorry to leave the PC world for a moment, but as some of the people on here are knowledgeable in many fields, I'd thought I'd ask this question. Why are digital radios so dear, I listen to Radio 5 quite a lot especially when I'm doing my kitchen chores, so I thought a digital radio would make a good christmas present for me, but the're not cheap are they. Also a cheap place I can order one from would be a help. TIA TR

  Stuartli 21:56 25 Oct 2005

You can get them from around £40 these days but don't expect to be overjoyed with the sound quality - heavy compression or low bit rates are the order of the day on many channels.


click here


click here

for assessments.

  Stuartli 21:57 25 Oct 2005

The radio channels on Freeview are vastly superior in most cases soundwise to DAB.

  wee eddie 22:00 25 Oct 2005

Why worry.

They really are more trouble than they're worth.

Digital waves have difficulty with walls, among other things. No signal, no sound. Therefor it must be near a window, you can't just go walking round the house with it.

  €dstowe 22:05 25 Oct 2005

Waste of time and money.

I have one. It's in a cupboard completely unused from the day I obtained it. Tried it. It was rubbish. Put it into the cupboard where it has been ever since.

Ordinary FM radio is much better.

  TommyRed 22:14 25 Oct 2005

Yes I've been impressed by the sound both on freeview and my digital TV but I need a stand alone radio for the kitchen as my Dad's old transistor radio is well past its sell by date. Tesco do one for under £50 so I might go there, easier to take it back when I drop it in the washing up bowl! TR

  wee eddie 23:22 25 Oct 2005

Waste it if you want

  mikef. 12:34 26 Oct 2005

wee eddie just because you have had problems doesn't mean everyone does, I've gone totally DAB now and have no problems recieving all channels and with much better reception than I ever got with FM

  Stuartli 13:08 26 Oct 2005

A friend of mine has an expensive digital radio incorporated into an amplifier which was bought to entertain his wife whilst she was working in the kitchen.

The sound quality and crackling is so annoying that she never uses it now.

We live in an exceptionally good area for both TV and radio transmissions.

  wee eddie 14:44 26 Oct 2005

The PCA reviewers seem to have similar problems as well.

It is Government Policy to convert us to Digital Radio and I agree that the signal, when you get it, is consistent.

The quality of reproduction, whether you are listening to Nicola Benedetti or Pink Floyd, is sadly lacking in depth.

  Fred the flour grader 15:41 26 Oct 2005

A guy at work got one last xmas and I must say it blew my socks off. We listen to the football on it via five live and the local station Metro up here and it is far superior than an ordinary one.
Five live on AM is terrible with breaking up and loads of static and I work in a factory built in the 1930s with really thick walls and loads of machines running which may cause electric interference. The DAB one gives a cracking signal so you can hear the match perfect all the's just a pity Newcastle United didn't win more often when we are listening to them on it :-( ...Fred

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